Suzy and Yang Se Jong in Doona!

Director Lee Jung Hyo recently gave an interview regarding his new drama “Doona!” which is broadcast on Netflix. One of the things the director discussed was his favorite scene in the drama that paired Suzy and Yang Se Jong.

The director’s favorite first scene was Lee Doona (Suzy) and Park In Wook (Lee Jin Wook) which made him hurt. “The scene of Doona and In Wook on the road, Doona’s cries for In Wook echoing in the mountain valley. My heart hurts when I watch it on the monitor,” he said.

The second scene that is director Jung Hyo’s favorite is the last moment of Doona and Won Jun (Se Jong) in the dormitory. “When the two of them finished acting, they received applause. Their dialogue was done in one take,” continued the director.

The director’s favorite final scene is Doona and Won Jun’s at the subway station. “Especially the dialogue, ‘Am I right?’ from Doona, it pierced my heart. Also when Doona left, the back view of Won Jun’s bag looked so sad,” he continued.

Suzy and Yang Se Jong in Doona!

On the other hand, the director also discussed the ending of the drama where Doona and Won Jun’s romance was left hanging (open ending) without a clear ending. Is the main couple still secretly dating? Or did they really break up?

Director Jung Hyo said, “I want to create a fantasy yet realistic romance between idol Doona and college student Won Jun through ‘Doona!’. Who knows how life will develop, right? They may or may not meet again, but they will always remember each other each other.”

According to the director, Doona and Won Jun’s memories may come true one day, or they may not. “That’s why I designed the opening of the drama to feel like a memory. In the first episode of this drama, Doona narrates, ‘You said…’ as if remembering the past,” continued the director.

The director also revealed that the subway scene towards the end of the ninth episode was actually not set in 2023 but in the future. “I know there are still many questions remaining. I don’t want to give a clear answer because I want to encourage them, who may be living their lives together or apart somewhere at this time,” concluded the director.

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