The director of “Doona!“, Lee Jung Hyo, underwent an interview session on the Netflix K-Content YouTube channel in a video released on Tuesday (24/10). One thing the director discussed was the significance of the boarding house occupied by Lee Doona (Suzy) and Won Jun (Yang Se Jong).

Director Jung Hyo explained that the boarding house actually represents Doona. “One day, the art director sent me a photo and said that the place in the photo felt like Doona’s. It was very old and worn,” said the director.

“A house where light and dark coexist. The atmosphere is a little strange, but then, the second floor resembles a boarding house, so we wanted to show the different features of each floor and treat the whole house like a Doona castle,” added the director.


The boarding house was also specifically chosen as a place for Doona to hide. “Walking through the tunnel, we arrive at this house, which is actually like a castle where Doona is hiding,” continued director Jung Hyo.

The significance of the boarding house is in the contrasting scene between Won Jun and Doona. “Won Jun first entered this castle, and Doona left this castle to meet Won Jun. This is the meaning we wanted to convey using that house,” continued the director.

The director also revealed that the supporting actors who fill the boarding house in “Doona!” They also chose it by considering the characters of Won Jun and Doona. “We want everyone there to get along with each other, so we let them have fun on set,” he said.

The director said that he let young actors of that age be creative. “We chatted a lot to make them feel comfortable. We told them to have fun, and from then on, they started acting on their own. That made it easier for us,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Doona!” closed with an open ending where Doona and Won Jun hugged after both saying they missed each other. Many suspect that this is a sign that the couple is still dating even though they are busy with their respective jobs.

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