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Stray Kids and TXT were the center of attention on the red carpet at the prestigious MTV Video Music Awards 2023 (VMAs) on Tuesday night (12/9) local time. Previously, the announcement of the arrival of these two well-known groups caused a stir considering that they had once again proven that K-Pop could compete to give special performances on the VMAs stage.

Stray Kids and TXT dazzled on the red carpet with their respective styles. These two groups show quite striking differences this time.

JYP Entertainment’s group, Stray Kids, chose to appear in classic black and white colors. The eight members show a masculine and trendy individual charm.

Bang Chan and Hyunjin appeared all black in suits. Seungmin, Lee Know, and Han are charming in white shirts and suits.


Felix looks unique by combining a white shirt and trousers with a tweed jacket. I.N and Changbin wore white shirts combined with black trousers.

Different from Stray Kids, TXT appears more colorful. The five members dazzled the red carpet with touches of various colors.

Soobin was the only one wearing midi pants to complete his appearance wearing a white shirt and black checkered outerwear. Taehyun is masculine in a white tweed outfit.

Beomgyu wore a white shirt under a gray checkered suit. Huening Kai wears a light blue shirt under a navy suit. Yeonjun is striking with orange hair when wearing a navy suit.

Stray Kids and TXT’s appearance on the VMAs stage is highly anticipated. Both of them had previously been announced as being on the list of nominees to compete for this year’s trophy.

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