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Since its release on August 18, Mask Girl has immediately become one of the most popular OTT Korean dramas, according to Gooddata. This series, starring Nana, has managed to firmly rank second in the top 10 Netflix shows. Daebak!

Actually there are many differences between the drama version and the Webtoon, especially in the characters. For those who are curious, here are some of the different characters from the drama Mask Girl vs. Webtoons. Check this out!

1. The difference between Ju Oh Nam’s support for Mask Girl

portrait of Oh Ju Nam in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

In the drama Mask Girl, Ju Oh Nam is a colleague of Kim Mo Mi who is a big fan of Mask Girl and secretly knows her true identity. He is a plump man who lives “invisible” and spends his time watching porn movies.

He is a fan of Mask Girl in both the drama and the webtoon but differs in the way he likes them. In the webtoon, he has a crush on Kim Mo Mi, but also often looks down on her. He is also a fan of other broadcast streamers, and Mask Girl is just one of them.

However, in the drama version, Oh Ju Nam really supports Mask Girl and likes the woman behind the mask. Even to the extent that he killed a man to save the Mask Girl who was about to be raped.

2. Ju Oh Nam’s attitude when Mask Girl was drunk and naked

portrait of Oh Ju Nam in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

In addition, the difference in his liking for Mask Girl can also be seen through the scene of Mask Girl getting drunk after finding out the man she loves is with another woman and naked in the live broadcast.

In the drama version, Ju Oh Nam is shocked by her behavior and covers the screen as she removes her clothes to protect her privacy. However, in the webtoon version, he refers to her as a cheap woman who easily takes off her clothes in front of other men.

3. How Ju Oh Nam express his feelings for Kim Mo Mi

portrait of Kim Mo Mi in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

In the webtoon, Ju Oh Nam doesn’t express his feelings for Kim Mo Mi. Instead, he told her that he would wear her body however he pleased and was stabbed by Kim Mo Mi out of heartache and died.

But in the drama, Ju Oh Nam is killed by Kim Mo Mi when she enters her house and is angry about quitting her job. In fact, when he raped her, he swore to protect her, but Kim Mo Mi attacked him and stabbed him in the neck.

Because of this, in the drama version it is clear that the father of Kim Mo Mi’s daughter is Ju Oh Nam, whereas in the webtoon it is not clear that the father of her child is. Viewers assumed that her father was one of the many men Kim Mo Mi met after her surgery.

4. The way Kim Chun Ae was killed

portrait of Kim Mo Mi and Kim Chun Ae in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

Kim Chun Ae is a character who has a similar background to Kim Mo Mi. But she also grew up unable to adjust to other people and underwent plastic surgery to be beautiful.

In the drama, Kim Chun Ae and Kim Mo Mi met when working as dancers at the same nightclub and became close. Moreover, they went on to become the best players in the club and formed a friendship to support each other.

She even lied by claiming to be Kim Mo Mi and protecting her from Ju Oh Nam’s vengeful mother, Kim Kyung Ja. At the end of her journey, she had to die tragically to help Kim Mo Mi from being shot. But in the webtoon, they hate each other.

Kim Chun Ae even decided to hand Kim Mo Mi over to Kim Kyung Ja. But Kim Mo Mi found out about this and made Kim Chun Ae faint. She then gave Kim Chun Ae to Kim Kyung Ja, convincing her that it was Kim Mo Mi. Then, Kim Kyung Ja murdered her, believing that Kim Chun Ae was Kim Mo Mi.

5. Kim Mo Mi’s life after killing Oh Ju Nam

portrait of Kim Mo Mi in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

In the drama, Kim Mo Mi turns herself in for killing Oh Ju Nam and goes to jail, which leaves her no choice but to leave her son Mi Mo with her mother. Even in prison, she tries to come out to protect her daughter, showing her motherly side.

But in the webtoon version, she doesn’t show progress and is selfish until the end. She didn’t give herself up by leaving Mi Mo with her mother and tried to flee to Japan but was caught and sent to prison.

Additionally in the webtoon version, when she tries to escape from prison, it is not to protect her daughter, Mo Mi, but to undergo reconstructive surgery for her disfigured face due to too many surgeries.

6. Kim Mo Mi after giving birth to her daughter

portrait of Kim Mo Mi in the drama Mask Girl (doc. Netflix)

In the webtoon, Kim Mo Mi remains troubled after giving birth to Mi Mo. She often left her daughter with her mother and met many men. She doesn’t show her motherly side and often brings boys home when Mi Mo is at home.

Also, in the original version, Mi Mo’s friend, Ye Chun, was the one who saved Mi Mo from Kyung Ja. But in the drama Kim Mi Mo, his mother, and Ye Chun went to save Mi Mo together. Mo Mi even sacrificed herself for the sake of her daughter, unlike the webtoon.

So, those are some differences between the actual drama Mask Girl vs webtoon. In fact, some of the characters in the drama are quite different from the original, especially Oh Ju Nam, Kim Mi Mo, and Kim Chun Ae. Which do you prefer?

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