Deepfake of Song Hye Kyo and BTS V

Song Hye Kyo and V BTS are currently the target of netizens’ concerns after deepfakes circulating using their faces. The faces of the two famous celebrities were painted in a re-engineered video with a very high level of similarity.

On Thursday (2/11), posts about Hye Kyo and V’s deepfakes were widely discussed by South Korean netizens. In a post entitled “Deefpake Song Hye Kyo and V BTS is quite surprising”, OP uploaded a gif created by artificial intelligence (AI) which is very similar to the celebrity’s face.

In the gif circulating, Hye Kyo’s face was “borrowed” to be attached to another body. The gif shows facial features that are similar to Hye Kyo, including the way she smiles down to her dimples.

On the other hand, V’s deepfake is shorter but takes the idol’s distinctive features. Even though it looks clearly AI-made, the eyebrows and lips are very similar to the owner of the real name Kim Taehyung.

Responding to Hye Kyo and V’s faces being used for deepfakes with such similarities, Korean netizens voiced their concerns. They believe that the government must immediately do something to limit AI because they are worried that it will be used for irresponsible things.

“Fans will know it’s fake but it will fool muggles (non-fans),” said one netizen. “Even though the clips look strange now, they will look really scary in the future,” said another netizen. “Wow, seriously‚Ķ This is really strange‚Ķ” added another.

“Both of them look very real,” commented one netizen. “I saw a deepfake of a Hollywood celebrity, and maybe it’s because I don’t know them very well, but I would have thought it was real if no one told me,” continued another netizen.

“I’m sure they will trick people by making AI clips with AI voices. The government should hurry up and do something,” said another.

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