Death's Game

The TVING drama “Death’s Game” apparently contains signs of the characters’ deaths in several scenes. These include scenes from Go Yoon Jung to Jang Seung Jo.

The director of “Death’s Game”, Ha Byeong Hoon, admitted that he had included many signs and clues about death that the audience could find in several scenes. “I structured the plot in a way that was easy to understand, but also planted many foreshadowing and devices that drama fans could find,” said Byeong Hoon.


Death's Game

In Lee Ji Su’s (Yoon Jung) scene, there is a red toy car located on the bookshelf. Ji Su died instantly after being hit by Park Tae U (Kim Ji Hoon) with a red car.

Meanwhile, Lee Ju Hun (Seung Jo) passes a banner that says “Don’t trust him” in the motorbike chase scene. Ju Hun then died after being betrayed by his girlfriend.

There is also a “Watch Your Head” sign in Kwon Hyuk Su’s (Kim Kang Hoon) scene. Hyuk Su then died after being hit on the head by his own classmate.

Some other signs of death that can be found include the ‘Don’t Be Fooled Again’ sign posted on a subway locker, to the ‘Masked Killer’ sign on a bookshelf in an inmate’s prison cell. There is also Jang Gun U (Lee Do Hyun) who reads a newspaper article entitled ‘The Serial Killer Who Can’t Be Caught’ in one scene. Gun U then died along with Ji Su after being hit by Tae U’s car.

“We have hidden clues about people who will open their eyes in the next episode, and we hope viewers will be interested in finding out how to avoid death in Part 2,” explained Byeong Hoon.

“Death’s Game” Part 2 will air on January 5, 2024. Don’t miss the fun!

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