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Recently, actress Angelababy’s name has attracted attention due to rumors that she attended Lisa‘s performance at Crazy Horse. However, now the cabaret location itself has denied Angelababy’s presence when the BLACKPINK member appeared.

Previously, Lisa’s appearance at the Crazy Horse cabaret caused controversy not only because of her sexy appearance on stage but also regarding rumors about Angelababy’s presence. Huang Xiaoming’s ex-wife was said to have come to Crazy Horse to watch Lisa but that turned out to be untrue.

Crazy Horse itself took steps to deny Angela Baby’s presence at the venue. Specifically, the post shared by Crazy Horse listed the artists in attendance with the caption, “Lisa’s performance was spectacular, but it’s a shame there are rumors that Angela Baby isn’t actually performing. So glad everyone enjoyed the show. We look forward to welcoming Angelababy someday Later!”

Previously, Angela Baby had faced an implicit ban following mixed public opinion in China for attending Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse. Angelababy is considered to be violating regulations in China where they strictly prohibit activities related to eroticism. Even though it was watched in France and had received a license there, the program, which was prohibited from being recorded by viewers, was considered still unlawful in their home country.

Viewers noticed that CCTV, the state-run Chinese television station, had removed Angelababy’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala video. A source from Zhejiang TV even revealed that the broadcast of “Keep Running” starring Angelababy was also postponed, and the broadcast was being considered for suspension following the controversy. In addition, another actress Zhang Jia Ni, a Chinese actress, was also asked to stop broadcasting because she attended Lisa’s performance.

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