Shocking news came from one of the NCT 127 members, Taeil. Because the idol who was born in 1994 just had a motorcycle accident. Reportedly, the incident left him with a broken bone in his leg.

In this regard, the agency immediately raised its voice and gave the latest news on the idol.

1. Had a motorcycle accident on Tuesday early morning after activity

portrait of Taeil NCT (instagram.com/mo.on_air)

On Tuesday (15/8/2023), it was reported that Taeil had just had a motorbike accident. The incident occurred when Taeil was on his way home by motorcycle after finishing his schedule.

In the official release, Taeil was reportedly taken to the hospital immediately and received a detailed examination.

“Hello. We would like to inform you about NCT member Taeil’s physical condition and upcoming schedule. In the early morning of August 15 KST, Taeil had an accident while riding his motorbike while returning from his schedule. He was immediately taken to the hospital and received examination and treatment,” write SM.

2. Taeil has a broken bone

portrait of Taeil NCT (instagram.com/mo.on_air)

SM revealed that the accident left Taeil with a broken bone in his right thigh. Therefore, the idol whose real name is Moon Tae Il had to undergo surgery and is now being treated at the hospital.

The results of the examination revealed that Taeil had a fracture in his right thigh and needed surgery. Taeil is currently preparing for his surgery at the hospital while receiving the necessary treatment.

3. Taeil will not perform at NCT Nation’s concert

portrait of Taeil NCT (instagram.com/mo.on_air)

Based on the agency’s statement, it is certain that Taeil will not appear at the concert “NCT Nation: To The World” which will take place on August 26, 2023.

“In light of this incident, Taeil will immediately halt all activities for the time being in order to focus on his treatment and recovery; as a result, we ask for fans’ understanding regarding the fact that Taeil will be unable to participate in group NCT’s ‘NCT Nation : To The World’ concert. which is scheduled to take place on August 26.”

The agency also confirmed that it would prioritize Taeil’s health above all. Therefore, Taeil will take a break from his activities while he is still in the treatment process.

“We sincerely apologize to fans for causing concern with this sudden news. The label promises to prioritize Taeil’s health above all else, and we will do everything we can so Taeil can greet fans again healthily.”

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