A Killer Paradox

The bed scene played by Choi Woo Shik in the Netflix drama “A Killer Paradox” succeeded in surprising the audience. The scene sparked such a reaction because it appeared unexpectedly.

On Friday (9/2), “A Killer Paradox” starring Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku can be watched on the Netflix streaming application. With the black comedy genre, this drama has succeeded in making the audience shocked since the first episode.

Suddenly, Lee Tang had sex with a woman in his apartment after coming home from drinking. During this bed scene, Lee Tang is lying still wearing his t-shirt and the woman is naked. The camera angles make this scene involve a lot of exposure.

As soon as “A Killer Paradox” viewers learned about the scene, they reacted with shock. Apart from being surprised because they did not expect an explicit scene, the audience thought that the scene was not necessary for the development of the plot.

Meanwhile, “A Killer Paradox” is summarized in 8 episodes, all of which can be watched on Netflix. This drama presents Woo Shik’s flexible acting as Lee Tang who can detect criminals and Suk Ku as detective Jang Nan Gam.

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