Twinkling Watermelon

Seol In Ah plays two characters in the drama Twinkling Watermelon. The first was the younger version of Choi Se Kyung in 1995. Then she also played the character’s daughter, On Eun Yu.

Even though they are both played by Seol In Ah, the characters Choi Se Kyung and On Eun Yu are two different characters. Their personalities and fashion styles are not the same. Come on, take a look at these 4 differences between mother and child in Twinkling Watermelon.

1. Hairstyle and clothing

Choi Se Kyung always looks elegant and feminine in a skirt or dress. For hairstyle, she maintains a long hairstyle. This style remained her trademark even after she reached middle age.

On the other hand, On Eun Yu prefers a casual and boyish style. She cut her hair short in 1995. She also wears trousers more often than skirts or dresses.

2. Ambition towards career

Choi Se Kyung is known as a disciplined and ambitious girl. She never skipped class and wanted to be the number one cellist. She has decided on a career from a young age.

It’s different with On Eun Yu. The girl was pressured by her mother to become a cellist. She is also not as ambitious as her mother. After her friend died, On Eun Yu was so traumatized that she couldn’t play the cello anymore.

3. Personality

Choi Se Kyung is an introverted figure who is calm and doesn’t talk much. At her young age, she exudes a cold and firm aura like an ice princess. She also only has a few friends.

This is very different from On Eun Yu. The girl has an extroverted personality. She is brave, cheerful, expressive and talkative. She is also easy to get along with so she has lots of friends.

4. How to deal with popularity

Choi Se Kyung is known as a goddess who has many male fans from various schools. Even so, she responded to them coldly. She also doesn’t care about her status as the most popular female student.

That is very different from On Eun Yu. When disguised as her mother, On Eun Yu looks relaxed and enjoys popularity. She responded to fans in a friendly, warm and smiling manner. She considered them as friends.

Even though their physiques are exactly the same, Choi Se Kyung and On Eun Yu have many differences. In particular, regarding personality and fashion taste. Seol In Ah’s acting as these two characters deserves thumbs up!

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