Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk) is the central character in the drama Vigilante. Two opposing sides of Kim Ji Yong make the audience curious about the end of the story. Because he is a police academy student, but also a cruel figure who kills criminals who do not receive proper punishment.

Kim Ji Yong’s actions were spotted by reporter Choi Mi Ryeo (Kim So Jin) who made himself known as Vigilante. However, it turns out it’s not just Choi Mi Ryeo. Jo Gang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk) appears, who has even disguised himself as a Vigilante. Even though they both support Vigilante, there are differences in their obsessions as shown by the following points.

1. Choi Mi Ryeo wants to make viral news in her career


Choi Mi Ryeo is a reporter who first realized the similarities in the murder case of criminals committed by Kim Ji Yong. She is very confident that coverage of this collection of cases will go viral in society. Choi Mi Ryeo was also the one who coined the nickname Vigilante for the first time.

As a reporter, it is natural that Choi Mi Ryeo wants to work on cases that have great potential to increase ratings. She continued to chase Vigilante until she got footage of Vigilante in action. She even revealed the identity of the criminal who had previously been covered up to lure Vigilante into action.

2. Jo Gang Ok has a hidden desire which is channeled through Vigilante


Jo Gang Ok claims to be a Vigilante fan. The deputy chairman of the DK Group really likes Vigilante to the point of trying to find Vigilante’s real identity. He even bothered to become a fake Vigilante to attract the attention of the real one, Kim Ji Yong.

Even though it hasn’t been explained in the drama, in the webtoon Jo Gang Ok himself admits that he has great hatred within himself. He had tried to control it by working at the company, but the hatred was getting bigger. He then saw the actions of Vigilante alias Kim Ji Yong and knew how to commit crimes, including murder, which received support. Therefore, he invited Kim Ji Yong to collaborate.

3. Choi Mi Ryeo has the intention to reveal Vigilante’s actions


Choi Mi Ryeo wants Vigilante to work according to her directions. When other reports said that the crime was actually an act of Vigilante, Choi Mi Ryeo denied it. She tried to communicate and convince the real Vigilante to come to her and follow her directions.

Choi Mi Ryeo then stood guard around potential locations where Vigilante would visit with her entire team. She was persistent in order to be able to record the moment when Vigilante was in action. This moment will definitely make people excited and the ratings will soar. However, it is also unclear whether his intention was to reveal Vigilante’s true identity.

4. Jo Gang Ok tries to cover up Vigilante’s actions


Jo Gang Ok also continued to follow Vigilante when he was in action. Unlike Choi Mi Ryeo, Jo Gang Ok actually wants to cover Vigilante’s actions. Kim Ji Yong himself never wears a mask and only covers his hoodie when he acts. Jo Gang Ok is the person who erased Kim Ji Yong’s traces, including removing CCTV. He also helped Kim Ji Yong to create an alibi at a critical moment when he was suspected. Jo Gang Ok can be called a sponsor for Vigilante with his wealth, power and connections.

These two characters with their own goals always follow in Vigilante’s footsteps. When the two of them supported Vigilante’s actions, there was team leader Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae) who tried to stop him. Will Kim Ji Yong be caught? We will continue to wait for the continuation every Wednesday

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