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Actress Choi Hee Jin reappears as Person A in the drama Behind Your Touch (2023). She is a streamer who is quite controversial with all her dramas.

Person A has been involved in a toxic relationship with her lover. Unfortunately, this incident turned into a place for fans to gain attention. On the other hand, she also has a bad character because she always underestimates others.

Choi Hee Jin’s acting success in playing Person A was proven when the audience felt furious. It’s no wonder that many people are curious about her true figure in real life. Apparently, she is not as mean as in drama Behind Your Touch

1. The 1996-born actress is quite active as an Instagram user on the @heee_jjinn account

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2. Fyi, Choi Hee Jin has more film projects than television dramas

Choi Hee Jin (

3. However, her name has become more widely known since starring in the drama Snowdrop (2021) as Yoon Seol Hui

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4. Not only being an actress, Choi Hee Jin is also actively accepting offers from musicals, modeling, and commercials

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5. Many say that Choi Hee Jin’s sweet face is similar to Ningning aespa and Kim Da Mi. Do you agree?

Choi Hee Jin (

6. Choi Hee Jin is not only busy working, he also often has fun spending her free time

7. One of the options Choi Hee Jin chose was to visit Disney Land. It looks really fun!

Choi Hee Jin (

Even though he is quite young, Choi Hee Jin’s abilities and future cannot be doubted. In fact, many fans are always looking forward to the latest work of the actress.

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