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My Lovely Liar (2023) aired episodes 11 and 12 on September 4-5. A number of plot twists were successful in making the audience excited.

Moreover, when the body found buried in the mountains near Hakcheon beach was revealed to be Choi Eom Ji (Song Ji Hyun). Meanwhile, a new figure has emerged who is suspected of being the perpetrator of his murder. He is Choi Yong Guk (Yoon Sang Ho) who is Choi Eom Ji’s biological father.

So, how did this suspicion arise? see the theory below!

  1. Jo Jae Chan appears at Kim Do Ha’s apartment
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Jo Jae Chan (Nam Hyeon Woo) is an employee of J Entertainment. Apparently, he knows the chronology of murder cases involving Kim Do Ha and Choi Eom Ji in the past.

Jo Jae Chan also keeps a number of secrets so that the case doesn’t get bigger. On the other hand, he also felt sorry for Choi Eom Ji, because his father often beat him. This fact was only discovered by Kim Do Ha so he was quite surprised.

However, Jo Jae Chan’s real intention was to borrow some money from Kim Do Ha. Moreover, he was experiencing financial difficulties. Finally, Kim Do Ha granted Jo Jae Chan’s request in order to find out several other new facts. This is about Choi Eom Ji’s father, Choi Yong Guk.

  1. Kim Do Ha went to Hakcheon
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Kim Do Ha dared to go to Hakcheon. He was again shouted at as a murderer there. Despite this, Kim Do Ha is still determined to find Choi Yong Guk.

The first location he visited was Choi Yong Guk’s wife. However, his wife didn’t want to speak up. Luckily, Kim Do Ha saw an insurance letter from the bank addressed to Choi Yong Guk in the trash. He went there.

Apparently, Choi Eom Ji worked at the bank when he was still alive. However, Choi Yong Guk had often visited that place for some time now. This is because the insurance money is in the name of his daughter, Choi Eom Ji.

  1. Choi Yong Guk is an alcoholic and gambling addict
still cut from the drama My Lovely Liar (

Choi Eom Ji often refused when Choi Yong Guk stole his savings. This makes Choi Eom Ji always receive beatings from his father. Jo Jae Chan even said that if Choi Eom Ji had not disappeared at that time, perhaps he would still have died at the hands of his father.

Apparently, this was the result of Choi Yong Guk who was an alcoholic and gambling addict. Not surprisingly, the money always runs out and there is a shortage. This time, he was also found by Kim Do Ha while at a casino in Hakcheon. Choi Yong Guk seemed to be having fun spending the insurance money he got not long after Choi Eom Ji’s body was found.

These clues are believed to be the reasons that made Choi Yong Guk the perpetrator of Choi Eom Ji’s death. Although the truth cannot be confirmed, this is a temporary suspicion. So, don’t forget to find the answer in the next episode

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