Cho Yi Hyun

Actress Cho Yi Hyun makes a comeback with the sageuk romcom drama “The Matchmakers”. However, Yi Hyun’s casting as the female lead in “The Matchmakers” was suddenly questioned. In the KBS 2TV drama, Yi Hyun plays the role of a young widow named Jung Soon Deok. Soon Deok lives a double life as the best matchmaker in Hanyang.

However, after the first episode of “The Matchmakers” aired on Monday (30/10), Korean media questioned Yi Hyun’s casting. Media Ten Asia highlighted Yi Hyun’s incompatibility with Soon Deok’s character. Yi Hyun’s youthful appearance, which is like a teenager, is also considered inappropriate for playing a widow who has gone through many ups and downs.

Cho Yi Hyun

“Jung Soon Deok is a matchmaker and widow with a cunning personality, quite different from Yi Hyun’s neat and young image,” wrote Ten Asia.

“In addition, the heavy eye makeup and colorful hanbok for Soon Deok’s double life make Yi Hyun look awkward as if wearing clothes that don’t fit,” he added.

Even so, Yi Hyun has been known as a young actress with great skills and often receives praise for her acting. So it’s still too early to judge whether Yi Hyun is suitable for playing the character Soon Deok. Moreover, “The Matchmakers” has only aired two episodes so far.

Ten Asia compared Yi Hyun’s case to the casting controversy of Ahn Eun Jin in “My Dearest”. Eun Jin was considered unsuitable to play the character Yoo Gil Chae, who is described as having incomparable beauty.

However, Eun Jin was finally able to silence the criticism with her extraordinary acting skills. Since then, viewership ratings have increased and “My Dearest” is now gaining high popularity.

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