V BTS was a guest star in the latest episode of “Running Man” which was broadcast on Sunday (10/9). In this popular SBS program, the BTS member showed a gentleman’s manner towards Jeon So Min. Interestingly, Cha Eunwoo also trended because of V’s manner.

The trailer for the 671st episode shows V and Song Ji Hyo winning and then receiving a prize of high quality beef. Apart from them, other “Running Man” members had to receive punishment. However, only 3 people had their faces sprayed with cream.

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V BTS, who saw that So Min was the only female member who was likely to be sprayed with cream, took the initiative to replace her. “Will (the device) really spray? I want to try it, can I replace it (So Min)?” V asked.

V BTS immediately moved to So Min’s place and replaced the actress receiving punishment. So Min and the other “Running Man” members looked amazed to see V’s manner. Luckily V’s face was safe because the ones who got the cream were Haha, Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Seok.

Manner V BTS immediately went viral in the online community and was flooded with praise. What was quite unexpected was that Eunwoo went viral because the ASTRO member once showed a similar gentleman manner to So Min in “Running Man”.

When he was a guest star in the 604th episode of “Running Man”, Eunwoo was given the task of pouring the contents of a bucket to So Min who lost. However, Eunwoo, realizing that his bucket contained liquid ink, decided to pour the contents of the bucket further forward.

As a result, only a small part of So Min’s hair was exposed to the ink liquid. Meanwhile, the rest mostly hits the floor in front of the actress. Eunwoo also immediately embraced So Min, showing that he didn’t feel comfortable having to pour the ink liquid.

Meanwhile, V is currently busy with promotions for his debut solo album with the main song entitled “Slow Dancing”. Meanwhile, Eunwoo is now starting to get busy with the promotion period for the drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog” which will air starting October 11.

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