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Nam Gong Min, Ahn Eunjin, the cast and production team of the drama My Dearest will hold a Farewell party or celebration party to close the broadcast of the drama. This news was conveyed by MBC to Newsen media on November 17 2023. The party is planned to be held after the broadcast of the final episode of the drama.

It is known that the event was held after the successful broadcast of two seasons of My Dearest in a row. As well as positive responses and always high ratings for each episode from viewers. Apart from that, the celebration is also used as a gathering moment for all the production crew and cast to take time to rest for a moment

1. Farewell party was held to praise the hard work and performance of the players and production team

My Dearest

The celebration that will be held is used to mark the end of the production process and broadcast of the drama My Dearest. The party was also held to celebrate the hard work of the staff, production team and cast during the eleven months of filming. Since it started last winter.

During the broadcast of the drama, many viewers praised both the storyline and the characters of the players. Not only that, My Dearest is also one of the historical dramas with high ratings and positive feedback, from the start to the broadcast of the follow-up project for the second season.

2. Held after the broadcast of the last episode 21

My Dearest

Starnews (11/17/2023), reported that the celebration event is planned to be held on November 19. After the final broadcast for episode 21, which is scheduled to air on November 18.

It is known that the final episode was also made special as an addition, because of the high enthusiasm of the audience. While the filming process for the final episode was kept secret, it was finally revealed that it would end on the 17th if possible.

3. Where the farewell party will take place

My Dearest

From the same media. It was reported that the place of celebration was in the Yeouido area, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul. With details of the location of the place being kept secret.

Meanwhile, My Dearest is a historical drama set in the Jeonson Dynasty era which tells the story of a noble woman and a mysterious man. In the midst of difficult conditions due to the Qing invasion. Featuring Nam Gong Min and Ahn Eun Jin as the main actors.

My Dearest itself is one of the dramas with the top position that airs in the Friday-Saturday slot. Apart from that, it is one of the dramas with a stable rating in a high position. This final broadcast marks the end of season two, which is a continuation of season one which ended last September.

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