BTS in Military Services

HYBE, BTS’s agency, gave a strong warning to The Camp military community which was suspected of having distributed photos of members during military training. This activity was carried out illegally by The Camp, taking photos of members without permission and then selling them for personal profit.

The Camp is suspected of violating the right of publicity which refers to the right to obtain economic benefits by using one’s face, name, etc. It is known that The Camp recently opened a separate community for BTS members. He uses the term “official” for his channel, so that his illegal actions are not detected.

In this channel, The Camp sells dolls with name tags of members who are currently undergoing military training. The dolls are sold at high prices to fans. HYBE claims that the artist’s name is their intellectual property (IP). So, what The Camp did was in violation of the law.

According to an Xsports News report on Tuesday (9/1), HYBE said “We will take firm action after confirming the unauthorized use of BTS members’ portraits, names, etc. against The Camp, which is deemed to have committed a violation of publicity rights.

This problem started when the application started using the BTS IP without permission. HYBE found many of BTS’s faces and names used in the platform’s Star Soldier Recommendation service, a service that provides information about artists’ military lives and community service for fans.

HYBE itself only learned about this problem after receiving many complaints from BTS fans, ARMY. Fans are calling for a boycott of the service channel. After receiving reports from fans, HYBE immediately acted quickly by sending an official letter to The Camp.

“Using the intellectual property of an artist who has enlisted in the military for free has shaken the foundation of the entertainment industry, which has spent a lot of capital to find and cultivate artists. We cannot give them immunity just because they are startups,” said HYBE. “In fact, this is a trick to continue enjoying the promotional effect of BTS fandom, and it is an indication of the desire to continue to ride freely.”

Due to this commotion, The Camp was caught deleting several posts about BTS and stopped selling doll packages with the artist’s name tag. The Camp itself has not made an official statement regarding the controversy over violating BTS’s publicity rights. “We have nothing to say,” he concluded.

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