Marry My Husband

The mystery of BoA’s appearance in the drama Marry My Husband is starting to appear. Viewers suspect that BoA will be Oh Yu Ra, Yu Ji Hyuk’s (Na In Woo) future fiancee. Meanwhile, the character Oh Yu Ra is a villain, based on a previously released webtoon.

Marry My Husband itself tells the story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo). Two people who experience time travel to change their destiny. In the process, they get to know each other and bond with each other.

1. BoA is rumored to be Oh Yu Ra

Marry My Husband

Reporting from allkpop media on (29/01/2024), MyDaily found that the photo used as a portrait of Oh Yu Ra in the newspaper held by Yu Ji Hyuk’s grandfather belonged to BoA. This photo was released by SM during the 20th anniversary press conference of its debut in 2020.

It can be seen from the clothes worn by the woman in the photo in the newspaper, they are the same as the clothes worn by BoA. Although the face and hair of the woman in the newspaper are not shown.

2. The character Oh Yu Ra is a villain in the webtoon

Marry My Husband

According to the story of the webtoon Marry My Husband, the character Oh Yu Ra will be depicted as the granddaughter of the most famous chaebol in Korea. Her family’s closeness to Yu Ji Hyuk’s grandfather led to plans for an arranged marriage between them.

However, Oh Yu Ra has an evil personality. Her crimes began to emerge due to past trauma. Where Yu Ra was a victim of extreme bullying while at school.

3. The appearance of the name Oh Yu Ra in the drama Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband

Oh Yu Ra’s name appeared in the seventh episode, which was released (22/01/2024). When Yoo Ji Hyuk’s grandfather said that he was preparing a potential fiance for his grandson, there was a page of the newspaper highlighted at the end of the conversation.

BoA’s presence in the drama Marry My Husband has been confirmed by the agency since November 2023. However, the character she will play has not been clearly announced. With the same photo evidence, the media and viewers speculated whether the news might be true. Although, until now the drama production party and BoA’s agency have not responded.

So, is BoA the real Oh Yu Ra actor? Check the truth in the next latest episode of Marry My Husband, OK?

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