BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shocked the public again after her name could not be found on the official YG Entertainment website. Previously, she caused a stir in the public because she was known to have joined a company owned by her older brother.

However, just one day after the news emerged, now Jisoo’s name can no longer be found in searches on the official YG company website. For your information, Jisoo’s profile previously ranked among the actors on YG Stage, a part of the official YG website which has been deleted. Jisoo’s profile was added at the time when she was involved in the drama “Snowdrop”.


In other words, it is possible that Jisoo’s acting activities will no longer be managed by YG. However, for her career in the music world as a member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo is known to still be under YG.


The temporary name change from Biomom to Blissoo seems to strengthen rumors of Jisoo joining her sister’s company. Moreover, Biomom showed Jisoo’s photo in a poster to recruit new employees. Unfortunately, when asked for further information, Biomom found it difficult to explain further to the media.

“It is difficult to explain the company’s relationship with Blissoo. We do not know the CEO’s family relationship,” said a Biomom representative to local media.

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