Jisoo Blackpink

Jisoo admitted that her performance with BLACKPINK members at Coachella in April 2023 was one of the most difficult stage acts. It was so difficult that Jisoo seemed to indicate that she had given up on appearing at the music festival again. Jisoo conveyed this when talking with her best friend, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

Jisoo shared what she and the three other members needed to prepare before appearing on the Coachella stage. She practiced quite hard, so she repeatedly played the song that would later be performed so as not to make mistakes.

“Coachella was the most memorable because it was in the middle of the concert, but we had to change the entire setlist, so I had to memorize something completely new. Even when getting ready in the morning, I kept playing the song over and over again,” said Jisoo in a video that aired on Friday (5/1).

Jisoo then said that Hyeri missed a rare opportunity because she didn’t see her performance with the members on the Coachella stage which was watched by thousands of people. However, Jisoo suspects that maybe Hyeri will never want to come to Coachella again if she tries once. Jisoo seems to also feel this.

“You should come to Coachella. It’s a very difficult (performance), I could make you cry even more. You might only see it once and say ‘Hey, I’m not coming again’. Because there’s a lot of sand and wind and you have to keep going while standing all the time,” said the singer of “Flower”.

Jisoo Blackpink

Jisoo does have fond memories of performing at Coachella, but she thinks going back there will be difficult, according to her. “I have fond memories of everyone who came, but it would be very difficult to leave again,” he added.

Jisoo Blackpink

Hearing Jisoo’s story, Hyeri also asked her friend to appear again at Coachella in 2024. However, Jisoo firmly said she couldn’t.

“I want to go. Do it (again) next year!” asked Hyeri. “Should we do this again?” Jisoo asked teasing her friend. “Of course, you are BLACKPINK,” said Hyeri then. “We can’t do it next year. If we do it this year, we can’t do it next year,” explained Jisoo.

For your information, Jisoo and the three other members agreed not to individually renew their contracts with YG Entertainment. Even so, they will continue to carry out group activities under the auspices of YG.

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