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A surprising news came from BLACKPINK, the manager who accompanied Jennie and Lisa has reportedly left YG Entertainment.
The news that Lisa’s manager, Alice Kang, is leaving can be seen from her LinkedIn profile which states that she has worked for 5 years at YG Entertainment and ended in October 2023.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s manager, Alison Chang, also updated her LinkedIn profile like Alice Kang.

In her profile, Alison Chang, who worked for 4 years with YG Entertainment, ended her job in October, just like Alice Kang.

This received mixed responses from fans. Many are wondering about BLACKPINK’s fate in the future. The reason is, BLACKPINK will extend their contract with YG Entertainment.

Reportedly, Jennie and her friends’ contracts ended last August. Therefore, YG Entertainment is currently discussing extending their contract.

Previously, YG Entertainment confirmed in its official statement to media crew that they would inform them about BLACKPINK’s contract extension after last September.

However, until this November, YG Entertainment had still not spoken about BLACKPINK’s contract extension and their future.

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