The fate of BLACKPINK‘s contract with YG Entertainment is still a question mark. However, a source in the entertainment world said that YG Entertainment is expected to reveal whether Jennie et al are extending their contract with them in the company’s third quarter report which will be released in the next three weeks.

Previously, YG Entertainment always disclosed the status of exclusive contracts regarding its main singers in quarterly reports, semi-annual reports and business reports. According to the semi-annual report released last August, YG Entertainment still entered into exclusive contracts with singers under its management including BLACKPINK, Akdong Musician, WINNER and TREASURE at the end of the second quarter.

However, BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract status may change in YG’s third quarter report. The singer of the song “Pink Venom” himself debuted in August 2016 and considering that the exclusive contract period is usually seven years, it is estimated that the group’s exclusive contract will expire in August.

If BLACKPINK has renewed its contract, then the group will be listed on the list of exclusive contract singers in the company’s third quarter report but if not, it will be removed from the list.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment usually releases its third quarter report every second Monday in November for the last three years. If it still follows its old habits, then this year’s third quarter quarterly report will most likely be released on November 13.

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