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It wouldn’t be Lisa if she didn’t succeed in captivating fans with the various charms and achievements she has achieved. As recently, the BLACKPINK member has set another world record by entering her name into eight different categories in the Guinness World Records.

Lisa‘s solo album, “LALISA” which was released in September 2021, has exceeded 1 billion streams on Spotify, setting a new world record. It was officially certified by Guinness World Records in the UK on September 27, which was announced 19 days later via their official website and social media.

With this achievement, Lisa became “the first K-pop Soloist to surpass 1 billion streams on Spotify”. Previously, the Thai idol was also entered into the Guinness World Records in May with two other world records for her solo album “LALISA” including “The first K-pop solo artist album to break 1 billion streams on Spotify”.

In addition, on October 26 of the previous year, Lisa rewrote the Guinness World Records with “Shortest time to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify by a K-pop female solo artist” and Guinness also specifically noted that “Lisa’s songs are available for streaming on Spotify only has three” highlighting the global impact of his songs.

Meanwhile, Lisa has previously held the records for “Most watched solo artist YouTube video in 24 hours”, “Most watched K-pop solo artist YouTube video in 24 hours” and “First K-pop solo artist to win in MTV Video Music Awards”. Taking all these accomplishments into account, Lisa has now left her mark in eight different categories on the Guinness World Records as a K-pop solo artist.

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