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BLACKPINK Jennie is currently busy filming a variety show entitled “Apartment 404” (translated title). This idol, born in 1996, has been caught filming several times with Yoo Jae Seok, Yang Se Chan and Lee Jung Ha.

On Friday (27/10), Jennie was caught filming wearing a long-sleeved white top combined with tight jeans. The singer of the song “You & Me” was seen leaving the apartment building along with the other members of “Apartment 404”.

This portrait of Jennie filming “Apartment 404” immediately became a hot topic of discussion among netizens. Interestingly, many people misfocus on seeing the condition of the idol’s shoulders which look so perfect even though the picture was taken from a distance.

“Even from a distance, her shoulders look perfect,” praised a netizen. “Even in low quality, Jennie’s shoulder shape is no joke,” added another. “They seem to be diligently filming. This is today’s shooting, right?” asked other netizens.

Jennie was previously caught filming “Apartment 404”. Previously, the star of the series “The Idol” was seen carrying a retro style wearing a pink cardigan combined with jeans and additional accessories with a pink headband.

On the other hand, “Apartment 404” is tvN’s new program which is set in an apartment. This program was produced by former “Running Man” PD, Jung Chul Min, who previously also worked on the variety show “The Sixth Sense.”

“Apartment 404” not only features the members but also invites celebrity guests. This program is scheduled to air in early 2024.

Meanwhile, the news that Jennie has become a new member of the TV program has received a positive response from the public. Moreover, Jennie was accompanied by Jae Seok, who had often worked with her on TV programs such as “Running Man” and “Village Survival, the Eight”.

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