The Escape of the Seven

Bang Chil Sung (Lee Deok Hwa) is Bang Da Mi‘s (Jung Lael) grandfather in The Escape of the Seven. Episode 4 shows Bang Chil Sung being pushed off a bridge by Cha Ju Ran (Shin Eun Kyung) accompanied by Geum La Hui (Hwang Jung Eum). As soon as he fell, Bang Chil Sung’s head bled profusely into the river.

Logically, Bang Chil Sung could not be saved because he fell from a very high place and hit his head. Therefore, Cha Ju Ran and Geum La Hui felt calm because there would no longer be anyone standing in their way. Bang Chil Sung was declared dead via the media.

However, in episode 5, Bang Chil Sung was surprisingly able to escape death. However, he didn’t want anyone to know that he was still alive. He chose to live in prison to replace Lee Hwi Soo (Min Young Ki). So, what was the underlying reason why Bang Chil Sung chose to go to prison? The following is the explanation.

1. He holds black notes from people who harmed him and his grandchildren

The Escape of the Seven

Bang Chil Sung knows about the crimes that Cha Ju Ran and Geum La Hui committed against him. He used the media to report his death because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was actually still alive. If anyone knows that Bang Chil Sung is still alive, he will automatically become a target for people who want to kill him.

It is known why many people wanted Bang Chil Sung to die because they wanted his wealth. In addition, before falling from the bridge, he wanted to expose the crime committed by his granddaughter’s molester. These two main reasons made Bang Chil Sung hide from the perpetrators.

2. There is no longer any power for revenge

The Escape of the Seven

Bang Chil Sung actually still intends to take revenge on the person who harmed him and his granddaughter. However, his old age made him helpless. Before the accident, he was already experiencing nerve problems so he used a cane.

After the accident, his spine was broken. He also had to undergo surgery to install 50 pens. He also undergoes physical therapy every day. If he takes revenge with his own hands, he is worried that he will lose.

3. Replaced Lee Hwi So, Bang Da Mi’s adoptive father

The Escape of the Seven

Lee Hwi So was given the death sentence by the judge because he was accused of killing Bang Da Mi and Bang Chil Sung. When Lee Hwi So repeatedly threw tantrums wanting to be free, Kang Ki Tak (Yoon Tae Yong) immediately doused him with hot water on his face. This incident left Lee Hwi So’s face bandaged.

This moment was used by Bang Chil Sung to replace Lee Hwi So who was in prison. Bang Chil Sung also bandaged his face and was able to walk perfectly as a result of 6 months of physical therapy. Bang Chil Sung wants Lee Hwi So to take revenge.

4. Feeling guilty because he doesn’t care about Bang Da Mi

The Escape of the Seven

Bang Chil Sung admitted to Kang Ki Tak that he was obsessed with money and power. As a result of his obsession, he became less sensitive towards his granddaughter. Before finding out the truth about his granddaughter’s words, Bang Chil Sung was arbitrary towards Bang Da Mi. He also likes to be incited by other people’s words without looking for the truth.

Bang Chil Sung’s efforts to become a prisoner merely wanted to atone for his guilt by taking Lee Hwi So’s place. What do you think will be Bang Chil Sung’s final fate? The reason is that he changed his identity to Lee Hwi So. Don’t forget to keep watching the continuation of The Escape of the Seven

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