Bae Suzy in ELLE Korea

Bae Suzy automatically caught the attention of fans in the BTS photos from the ELLE Korea photo shoot released by the agency after two weeks of not providing updates. Star of the drama “Doona!” also received praise from local media for making hanbok look even more beautiful.

On Monday (8/1), Management SOOP as the agency released photos from behind the scenes (BTS) shooting for ELLE Korea magazine. The agency released a portrait in which Suzy dressed up in hanbok of various styles.

In the photos, one of them shows Suzy wearing a hanbok with see-through sleeves decorated with lace. She styled her hair in a long braid that crossed her shoulders and draped it over the left side of her head. Suzy is no less beautiful than the flowers that are the props for the photo shoot.

In another photo, Suzy wears a pastel, white and black hanbok. The former member of Miss A emphasized her innocent aura with minimalist make-up and sparsely styled hair.

As soon as Suzy’s photo was released by the agency, local media highlighted the beauty of the woman born in 1994. They said Suzy exuded a graceful vibe like a stunning fairy.

Bae Suzy in ELLE Korea

Apart from local media, Suzy’s fans expressed their longing for their idol. The reason is, Suzy has not provided updates on her Instagram feed for two weeks and has made fans curious about her news.

“Amazing photoshoot. Suzy is so charming in hanbok. Can we expect a role in a historical drama?” said one netizen. “Thanks Soop! Now where’s the BTS video, please,” said another netizen. “Miss Bae, where are you? We miss you,” added another.

Meanwhile, Suzy will star in the drama “Everything Will Come True” in the near future. In this project, Suzy will be involved in a reunion with Kim Woo Bin, who starred together in the drama “Uncontrollably Fond” in 2016.

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