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Ahn Hyo Seop has just greeted his fans in Japan by holding a concert. The concert which was held on Monday (12/2) was attended by many of the actor’s fans. Interestingly, at that concert Hyo Seop sang a number of hit songs which successfully made fans scream.

One of the most highlighted performances was when Hyo Seop performed the song “Standing Next To You” by Jungkook BTS. In the video circulating on social media, Hyo Seop appears to have made a mistake while singing the song. This could happen because the song “Standing Next To You” is not easy to play.

In the video, Hyo Seop looks handsome wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath. The star of the drama “Business Proposal” sang in his own style while carrying a mic stand. This prop seems to have been deliberately chosen to minimize Hyo Seop doing the choreography of the song like Jungkook.

At the beginning, Hyo Seop was still able to sing verse after verse of the song. Although several times he seemed to have difficulty reaching high notes, so his voice sounded breathless. However, Hyo Seop managed to outsmart him by taking a lower tone.

But in the middle of the performance, precisely when he was about to reach the chorus, Hyo Seop actually made a mistake. He sings the lyrics at an inappropriate pitch. As a result, the lyrics sung by Hyo Seop did not match the rhythm of the music played by the accompanying band.

Hyo Seop turned to the band players and smiled. Realizing that he had made a mistake, Hyo Seop immediately redirected it by greeting the fans. Luckily, this mistake did not affect Hyo Seop’s appearance, and the very supportive fans immediately responded to the 28 year old actor’s greetings.

Even though he made mistakes, in fact Hyo Seop still received a lot of praise for his stage performance. Especially when he tries to create his own choreography, so that his performance isn’t too bland. One netter also compared Hyo Seop’s video with Jungkook who appeared to be dancing energetically while performing the song.

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