Ahn Eun Jin and Nam Goong Min in My Dearest

Ahn Eun Jin recently had an interview with This Week’s News media. The actress, born in 1991, unexpectedly responded to accusations of being an actor in Nam Goong Min and Jin A Reum’s household.

Eun Jin said that her chemistry with Goong Min in “My Dearest” gave rise to false rumors. They are said to be having an illicit relationship outside the drama, even though Goong Min is already married.

“I became the scapegoat for fake news on YouTube. In one of the videos, they talked about how Ahn Eun Jin and Nam Goong Min were lovers in real life,” said Eun Jin.

Ahn Eun Jin and Nam Goong Min in My Dearest

Eun Jin then added, “I’m really curious how they can have thoughts like that. Nam Goong Min is married, so I’m really amazed at how people have thoughts like that.”

However, Eun Jin still drew the positive side of the rumors. “I’m really amazed at how there can be smoke without fire. In the past, I watched melodramas and thought the two main actors were really dating, even though they really had good chemistry,” continued Eun Jin.

After entering the world of acting, Eun Jin realized that these rumors emerged as part of her job. “There are many examples where this didn’t happen at all. There were times when I thought there was a relationship between the main couple, and I asked them out of curiosity, but it turned out there wasn’t,” concluded Eun Jin.

Meanwhile, Eun Jin and Goong Min recently won the Best Couple award at the 2023 MBC Drama Awards. For individual awards, Eun Jin received the Top Excellence Award (Miniseries) trophy. Meanwhile, Goong Min took home the highest Daesang award. “My Dearest” also won Drama of the Year.

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