Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun will soon be making a comeback to greet his fans with a new drama. He will star alongside Park Ji Hyun in Flex X Cop (working title). The genres used are detective and romance.

SBS has confirmed their participation as the main actors on Wednesday (15/11/2023). The news of their casting in early 2023 has made fans curious because this is their reunion project. Let’s check out the facts about Flex X Cop

1. Flex X Cop is a drama about the story of the growth of a third generation chaebol to become a reliable detective, along with a romantic story

2. Ahn Bo Hyun will play the third generation chaebol named Jin Yi Soo. He is also detective in a crime and violence team

3. In capturing his target, Jin Yi Soo uses his wealth and family connections combined with his intelligence and physical strength

4. Park Ji Hyun plays Lee Kang Hyun, a veteran detective who graduated from the police academy and the leader of the crime and violence team

5. Lee Kang Hyun is a workaholic who has a great sense of responsibility supported by extraordinary social and investigative skills

6. Lee Kang Hyun’s life as a detective experiences a big change with the arrival of Jin Yi Soo who suddenly becomes her partner

7. The drama Flex X Cop is directed by director Kim Jae Hong. He was an assistant director on Revenant (2023) and also Through the Darkness (2022)

8. Meanwhile, the writer is Kim Ba Da, who previously wrote My Name (2021). That way, the author will reunite with Ahn Bo Hyun

9. Not just the writer, Ahn Bo Hyun also reunites with Park Ji Hyun in this drama. They have appeared in the series Yumi’s Cell (2021-2022)

10. Flex X Cop is only scheduled for release in January 2024 and will fill SBS’ Friday and Saturday slots, although the exact date has not been confirmed

The actors and actresses and filmmakers make you impatient, right? However, we have to wait a little longer to see Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun’s reunion. Also wait for confirmation of the supporting cast

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