Theories regarding aespa‘s upcoming comeback with “Drama” have surfaced. Fans believe that “Drama” is a continuation of “Better Things” which was released on August 18.

MY, aespa fans’ conversation started with one of the uploaded teasers. The teaser shows a mysterious giant figure without hair displayed on the site.


The site, which was created specifically for Aespa’s comeback, can be checked by swiping up to 360 degrees. So, it allows MY to see various things.

The mysterious giant in the aespa teaser unexpectedly has the right body posture for the cover of “Better Things”.

“Better Thins” has a cover of a bunch of flowers on water. This flower is said to cover the face of a mysterious figure in green.


Even though the vibes of “Drama” and “Better Things” are very different, the MV for the two songs feels related. Moreover, the fantasy side is also shown in “Better Things”.

Fans are becoming increasingly curious to see the “Drama” MV. The 4th mini album from the group Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning itself will be released on November 10 at 2 pm KST.

“It turns out that better things aespa’s flower is monster slay????” exclaimed one fan on Twitter. “So the monster from the sea has just reached the city,” said another. “Isn’t that the theory of the tree of life, right? The one in Black Mamba and Exo Mama’s MV?” continued another.

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