Kwon Eunbi

After shaking the Seoul and Nagoya stages some time ago, Kwon Eunbi returned to being a hot topic of conversation at the Tokyo Waterbomb Festival, Japan. In addition to outfits that are getting bolder, netizens praised her visuals like royal princesses.

Former IZ*ONE member appeared sensual with a sexy cropped top. The following is a series of charming portraits of Kwon Eunbi at the Tokyo Waterbomb Festival, which stole the audience’s attention. Check this out!

1. The title of the Goddess of Water Bomb seems appropriate to be given to Kwon Eunbi after appearing at the event in three different places

2. After Seoul and Nagoya, she recently made another breakthrough when performing at the Tokyo Waterbomb Festival

3. As when appearing in Seoul, this time Kwon Eunbi wore a light blue bikini top that seemed effortlessly sexy

4. Kwon Eunbi combines it with a white lace set piece which makes her OOTD even more elegant

5. As if throwing away her innocent image, Kwon Eunbi looked brave when wearing a see-through outer at the Tokyo Waterbomb Festival

6. She also beautifies her appearance with natural-looking make-up. She even loosen her hair.

7. Apart from the perfect outfit, Kwon Eunbi’s visuals were also praised for looking like a royal princess

8. After appearing at many Waterbomb Festivals, she admits that her name is now skyrocketing and being known by many people as a soloist

9. When on stage, Kwon Eunbi’s is perfectly given fan service. She even interacted a lot with fans in Tokyo

After becoming a line up at the Seoul, Nagoya and Tokyo Waterbomb Festivals, Kwon Eunbi deserves the nickname as the Water Bomb Goddess with Arin Oh My Girl this year. Cool!

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