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Drama King the Land carries the romcom genre or romantic comedy. The story revolves around a luxury hotel heir who falls in love with a beautiful hotelier. There are many romantic scenes in this drama that successfully makes fans excited.

Apart from having many couples, this JTBC drama also has a line of duos that steal attention. They have strong chemistry in every episode of King the Land. This is nine of them.

1. Gu Won (Junho 2PM) and Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona SNSD) work together to make a hotel that cares about its guests and employees

Lee Junho and Yoona SNSD in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

2. Kang Da Eul (Kim Ga Eun) and Oh Pyeong Hwa (Go Won Hee) are two of Cheon Sa Rang’s friends who always support her

Kim Ga Eun and Go Won Hee in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

3. Cheon Sa Rang is very close to her grandmother, Cha Sun Hui (Kim Young Ok). This grandmother and grandson duo who have different characteristics have succeeded in stealing attention

Kim Young Ok and Yoona SNSD in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

4. Noh Sang Sik (Ahn Se Ha) is not only a secretary, but also a friend of Gu Won who is absolutely not afraid to make fun of the boss

Lee Junho and Ahn Se Ha in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

5. As a cameo, Jin Seon Kyu, who plays a policeman, instead confides in Gu Won. Even though it was short, they became very close

Jin Seon Kyu and Lee Junho in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

6. Even though they often fights, Gu Won still has a nice bromance with Prince Samir (Anupam Tripathi) in episodes 7 and 8 of King the Land

Lee Junho and Anupam Tripathi in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

7. Starting from colleagues at the airline, Oh Pyeong Hwa and Lee Ro Woon (Kim Jae Won) became a second couple that made the audience feel happy too

Go Won Hee and Kim Jae Won behind the scenes of King the Land (

8. Kang Da Eul and Seo Cho Ryong (Lee Ye Joo) are a mother and daughter duo who are equally intelligent. Their chemistry is adorable!

Kim Ga Eun and Lee Ye Joo in King the Land (

9. Uncle and nephew, Gu Won’s moment with Yoon Ji Hu (Kim Dong Ha) successfully became one of the scene stealers in King the Land

Kim Dong Ha and Lee Junho in King the Land (doc. JTBC/King the Land)

The nine duos above both have solid chemistry in King the Land. They show friendship, family values, to sweet romantic moments. From the list above, which one is your favorite duo?

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