Strong Girl Nam Soon

A spin-off from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017), the drama Strong Girl Nam Soon (2023) will be broadcast in October. Still telling the story of a girl with extraordinary physical strength, this time it’s the turn of Gang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi), Do Bong Soon’s (Park Bo Young) cousin, who will tell her life story.

Not only focus on the Gang Nam Soon family and its legacy of strength, this drama will also be include criminal cases story. Are you curious about what the excitement of the Korean drama Strong Girl Nam Soon will be like?

1. Gang Nam Soon is a girl with superpowers and a positive personality who went from Mongolia to South Korea to look for her parents

2. Gang Nam Soon’s mother is Hwang Geum Joo (Kim Jung Eun), she is famous as a tycoon in the Gangnam area with a high sense of justice

3. Hwang Geum Joo is apparently also looking for her missing child. What sets her apart from Gang Nam Soon?

4. Gang Nam Soon’s grandmother is Gil Joong Gan (Kim Hae Sook) who is also a legendary figure in the Majang area

5. Gang Nam Soon will have a romantic relationship with Kang Hee Shik (Ong Seong Woo), a police officer from Gangnam who is dedicated to his work

6. Gang Nam Soon does not hesitate to said to Kang Hee Shik by saying that she likes him

7. Kang Hee Sik himself is known to be on a secret mission to dismantle a drug trafficking syndicate in the Gangnam area

8. Viewers can expect a sweet relationship amidst Gang Nam Soon and Kang Hee Shik’s collaboration in solving criminal cases

9. The villain is Ryu Shi Oh (Byun Woo Seok), CEO of the Dugo distribution company who is suspected of being involved in drug trafficking in Gangnam

The trailer for the drama Strong Girl Nam Soon above makes the audience even more curious. How exciting will the action of the strong girl Gang Nam Soon and her family be in upholding justice? You can watch Strong Girl Nam Soon starting October 7 2023.

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