On Friday (18/8/2023), there will be many new Kpop songs will be released. Whether it’s from solo singers to groups. Even though there are many K-Pop idols who release songs at the same time making the competition even tougher, they will be here to present songs with their own uniqueness.

From those who have only released singles to even albums, here is a list of Korean idols who will release their newest songs during their debut or comeback on August 18.

1. The leader and main vocalist of TWICE is ready for a solo debut on August 18. Jihyo will release the mini album ZONE with the title track “Killin’ Me Good”

Jihyo TWICE (

2. LE’V, who is under the auspices of the CHROMOSOME agency, will also debut solo on August 18 by releasing an EP album titled A.I.BAE

LE’V (

3. J-Hope will make a comeback with the Jack In The Box album which he released in 2022 but in the latest version titled HOPE Edition

J-Hope BTS (

4. Their comeback always steals the attention, on August 18th, AESPA will release an English single entitled “Better Things”.

aespa (

5. EVERGLOW will once again show the charm of girl crush through their fourth single album titled ALL MY GIRLS with the title track “SLAY”


6. Now active solo, Sorn will be releasing her new single entitled “ROWDY”. In this comeback, she was accompanied by Seungyeon

Sorn and Seungyeon (

7. FIFTY FIFTY will be releasing a new version of their hit song entitled “Cupid”. The latest version will be features with Sabrina Carpenter


8. The rookie girl band PRIMROSE from the AO Entertainment agency will release their second mini album, titled LAFFY TAFFY


Starting from rookie idols to seniors, a number of K-Pop idols above are ready to release their newest K-Pop song on August 18. From the list above, whose song are you most waiting for?

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