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In the drama My Lovely Liar, the two main characters, Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) and Kim Do Ha (Hwang Minhyun) met by chance five years ago. At that initial meeting, Mok Sol Hee had unknowingly helped Kim Do Ha.

However, Mok Sol Hee’s help didn’t stop there. In the years that followed, when they were fated to meet again, Mok Sol Hee also often helped Kim Do Ha. Which made their relationship even closer. So how has Mok Sol Hee helped Kim Do Ha so far? Come on, read the following reviews.

1. Expelling the person who harmed Kim Do Ha

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

Do you still remember the first scene where the two of them met on the inter-city bus? At that time, Mok Sol Hee, who was running away, accidentally met Kim Do Ha, who was also running away from people who were going to harm him.

In a hurry so as not to be caught by the people who were chasing her, Mok Sol Hee chased away the person who was beating Kim Do Ha to get off quickly because it had hampered the bus’ departure.

2. Testify that Kim Do Ha is not lying

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

Five years later, Mok Sol Hee was destined to meet Kim Do Ha again. At that time, Kim Do Ha was cornered after being accused of being a stalker. Kim Do Ha, who is still having trouble revealing his identity, feels objectionable and afraid to let go his mask.

Coincidentally, Mok Sol Hee who lives in the local area knows this. Through her hearing, Mok Sol Hee can detect someone’s lies and she gave testimony, what Kim Do Ha said that the guy was not the culprit was true.

3. Claiming to be his lover

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

Kim Do Ha has been trying to hide his identity from the outside world. As a musician, this makes the public wonder about Kim Do Ha’s real image. Reporters hungry for news about him did not hesitate to wait in his new apartment. In order to capture the real portrait of Kim Do Ha.

Mok Sol Hee, who was with Kim Do Ha at the time, knew of this situation and quickly saved him. Mok Sol Hee rushed to run towards Kim Do Ha by posing and jumping like a rabbit in order to protect Kim Do Ha’s face from the reporters’ spotlight.

Even Mok Sol Hee had to admit that the boy was her boyfriend. The funny thing is, this is the second time Mok Sol Hee has admitted to being her fake boyfriend.

4. Replacing Kim Do Ha to drive the car

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

The moment when Kim Do Ha was frantic because he had to save Syaon (Lee Si Woo) made Mok Sol Hee feel sympathy for him. The girl then swiftly replaced Kim Do Ha to drive his car. Because Mok Sol Hee is worried about Kim Do Ha’s safety if he forces himself to drive in an unstable condition.

5. Make it comfortable to eat in public places

So far, Kim Do Ha often eats at home and rarely eats out. On one occasion, while dropping off Mok Sol Hee who was drunk, the girl invited Kim Do Ha to stop by a restaurant that served hangover soup.

Inevitably, Kim Do Ha complied with Mok Sol Hee’s request and accompanied her to eat. Where this is the first moment for Kim Do Ha, who has not eaten in a public place for so long. Even though at first he was reluctant, being with Mok Sol Hee, Kim Do Ha slowly felt comfortable.

6. Taking care of him when he got sick

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

After rescuing Syaon, that event shook Kim Do Ha so much. Mok Sol Hee, who saw that Kim Do Ha’s face was pale, immediately told him to rest. It didn’t stop there, when she got to the apartment, Mok Sol Hee also gave Kim Do Ha medicine, treating him with a cold towel when she found out that Kim Do Ha had a fever.

In fact, Mok Sol Hee even had to spend the night at Kim Do Ha’s place. Because when Mok Sol Hee was about to help Kim Do Ha into a sleeping position, Kim Do Ha subconsciously pulled him. As a result, Kim Do Ha slept with Mok Sol Hee’s arm as a pillow.

7. Helping Kim Do Ha take off his mask

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun in My Lovely Liar ( tvn_drama)

At one point, the public was shocked by a video of a person claiming to be Kim Do Ha. Due to this false confession, the company that overshadowed Kim Do Ha had to be affected. Kim Do Ha who doesn’t care about being passive about this problem. However, not for Mok Sol Hee.

Instead of supporting Kim Do Ha to continue to cover up his identity, he encouraged Kim Do Ha to be brave and face it. Even Mok Sol Hee didn’t hesitate to come to the place where Kim Do Ha worked.

He asked Kim Do Ha to reconsider his decision. So that Kim Do Ha takes responsibility and doesn’t throw his problems on other people. In the aftermath of this incident, in episode 5, Kim Do Ha was shown starting to dare to take off his mask in public.

Even though it’s still in the early stages, will Mok Sol Hee help Kim Do Ha overcome his trauma in the future? Because Mok Sol Hee has often helped Kim Do Ha get out of his various difficulties in life. What kind of help will Mok Sol Hee have for Kim Do Ha in the future? Don’t forget to keep watching and follow the latest episodes of My Lovely Liar.

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