SM Entertainment is indeed known as an agency that often produces unique concepts and ideas for every idols they have. Likewise with giving the stage name of every artist who will debut.

Unique, appropriate, and enchanting are the right choice of words for their stage name. Which K-Pop idols from SM Entertainment have the best stage names and are recognized by fans? Let’s take a look at the list below!

1. Park Soo Young, also known as Joy Red Velvet, has a clear voice that radiates joy. How does the name match!

Joy Red Velvet (

2. Proposed by himself, Jung Yunho TVXQ chose the name U-Know which is his nickname for playing games


3. Given by the coach of the Red Velvet group, Bae Joo Hyun was given the name Irene which means Goddess of Peace. The visuals really make you peaceful

Irene Red Velvet (

4. Like her brilliant image with SNSD, Sunny or whose real name is Susan Soon Kyu Lee is always a happy maker

Sunny SNSD (

5. Lee Soo Man gave the name Haechan which means shining brightly to Lee Dong Hyuck NCT. It really suits his personality

Haechan NCT (

6. In accordance with her gentle, innocent and beautiful demeanor, Kim Min Jeong is in accordance with his stage name, namely Winter aespa

Winter aespa (

7. His visuals, talent, even charm make fans unable to argue that Winwin NCT (Dǒng Sīchéng) can win fans’ hearts

Winwin NCT (

The name is indeed a reflection of oneself. Likewise with the stage names of the artists above, which suit their stunning selves so well. In your opinion, whose stage name is the7 most appropriate?

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