Most K-Pop idols are reluctant to show their moments while dating with their partners on social media. Usually, they do that in order to protect the privacy of their partner. But, a few dare to show off their intimacy through their uploaded photos with confidence.

The following K-pop idols have succeeded in stealing attention because they don’t hesitate to share happy moments when dating in public. They capture it in a photo that makes the public feel carried away by seeing their romantic moments that are worthy of being remembered.

1. Narsha Brown Eyed Girls uploaded a selfie with her partner, introducing him to the public before getting married in 2016. Her partner is a businessman

2. Yubin, former Wonder Girls, uploaded a moment when he and her boyfriend, Kwon Soon Woo, spent time last Thursday. Her boyfriend is a tennis player

3. Gyuri KARA uploaded a date photo with her ex-boyfriend, Song Jang Ho, in 2019. At that time, they were still dating and just went public

4. In 2021, former AOA Mina shocked the public when she revealed a photo with her boyfriend on Instagram. However, they broke up due to an affair scandal

5. In March, EXID’s Hani uploaded an adorable photo with Yang Jae Woong on Instagram Stories. She and the psychiatrist have been dating for about 3 years

6. A few months before getting married, Jiyeon T-ARA showed a moment when dating and working out with Hwang Jae Gyun at the gym in 2022. Her partner is a baseball player

7. After admitting that he had been dating for 3 years, Dana uploaded a photo of a date with a director named Lee Ho Jae in 2016. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2018

The courage of the KPop idols above in showing affection when openly dating on social media has successfully made many people salute. They don’t hesitate to express their happiness when they are with someone who makes them comfortable.

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