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Rowoon’s drama with Jo Bo Ah entitled Destined with You is not over yet. However, this actor is confirmed to be starring in a new drama on October 30. Rowoon’s new drama is entitled Wedding Battle. Rowoon will be paired with actress Cho Yi Hyun in this drama.

Rowoon’s character in this drama is quite anticipated because it is his comeback in the sageuk genre. After previously appearing in the sageuk drama entitled The King’s Affection (2021). Rowoon managed to amaze the audience when he transformed into a young man from the Joseon era.

In the drama Wedding Battle, Rowoon returns as a Joseon youth whose fate is very unfortunate. Why do you think that is? Check out facts about Rowoon’s role in the drama Wedding Battle here.

1. Wedding Battle is Rowoon’s second drama this year. This time he transformed into a Joseon era young man named Sim Jung Woo

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2. The character Sim Jung Woo is described as a talented young man and has charming charm. He is also the youngest graduate of the civil service exam

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3. Sim Jung Woo’s charm made the king’s daughter fall in love with him. Finally he officially became the royal son-in-law

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4. But while the wedding was taking place, the princess suddenly died and Sim Jung Woo’s fate changed completely

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5. Now Sim Jung Woo is a widower which causes his life to be destroyed instantly. He turned into a poor figure

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6. In the Joseon era, men who married royal princesses were prohibited from remarrying and working as usual

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7. Until an incident causes Sim Jung Woo to become involved with a widow who is secretly working as a matchmaker

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Rowoon’s character in the drama Wedding Battle is highly anticipated. Moreover, he is paired with Cho Yi Hyun, whose name has also become increasingly well known since starring in All of Us Are Dead (2022). Look forward to the broadcast of this drama on October 30!

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