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Kim Do Ha (Hwang Min Hyun) in My Lovely Liar had to experience a lot of hardships, because of the toxic people around him. The presence of his toxic acquaintances got Kim Do Ha involved in a complicated case so he had to hide his identity and always wear a mask to cover his face.

In Kim Do Ha’s life, he is also surrounded by toxic people who have contributed to his losses. Here are seven characters in My Lovely Liar who have been toxic to Kim Do Ha.

1. Syaon (Lee Si Woo) forced his feelings on Kim Do Ha. Rejected by Kim Do Ha, Syaon is considered a friend and colleague

Lee Si Woo in My Lovely Liar (

2. Although very friendly, Jo Deuk Chan (Yun Ji On) takes advantage of Kim Do Ha’s talent as a composer for his agency’s income

Yun Ji On in My Lovely Liar (

3. Not much different from Deuk Chan, Jo Chae Chan (Nam Hyeon Woo) who knows about past cases used him to blackmail Kim Do Ha

Nam Hyeon Woo (

4. As Do Ha’s mother, Jung Yeon Mi (Seo Jung Yeon) is more worried about her political career than her child’s life

Seo Jung Yeon in My Lovely Liar (

5. Fellow composer, Park Moo Jin (Song Jin Woo) did everything possible to find a weakness to bring down Kim Do Ha’s career

Song Jin Woo in My Lovely Liar (

6. Not only blaming for the loss of his younger brother, Choi Eom Ho (Kwon Dong Ho) also terrorized so that he wanted to harm Kim Do Ha

Kwon Dong Ho in My Lovely Liar (

7. Initially being an obsessive and toxic boyfriend, Choi Eom Ji (Song Ji Hyun) disappeared which caused Kim Do Ha to become a murder suspect

Song Ji Hyun in My Lovely Liar (doc. tvN/My Lovely Liar)

Kim Do Ha in My Lovely Liar is surrounded by toxic people who harm him. He also had to experience various problems, without someone who really supported him in difficult times. Out of the seven characters above, who irritates you the most?

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