The drama series Heartbeat finally ends in episode 16. This drama tells the story of a vampire who is willing to sleep in a coffin for 100 years to become human.

This Korean drama with a fantasy genre leaves a lot of impressions. Starting from mysterious, silly, funny, romantic to tragic moments. Surely many fans regret that the story of the persistence of a vampire who wants to feel love until the heart flutters has to end. The expertise of the main characters and extras deserves thumbs up because the storyline is very interesting to follow.

Even though it’s over and it’s a shame for fans, this series of funny vampire drama stories is very satisfying because there are many mysteries that are finally answered completely. Surprising facts emerge to answer our curiosity.

1. It turns out that the half-human vampire’s gold has been kept by Go Yang Nam

Go Yang Nam in Heartbeat (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Since the beginning of the episode, we have been led to wonder about the whereabouts of Sun Woo Hyeol’s gold which disappeared in the vampire’s basement. Sun Woo Hyeol thought that his fellow vampire (Lee Sang Hae) stole the gold he kept in a special chest. Of course, Lee Sang Hae denied the accusation because in fact he was not the one who stole it.

Finally, the fact about who the perpetrator was who stole the vampire’s gold was revealed in the final episode. It turned out that Go Yang Nam had been keeping the gold somewhere. This spiritual creature who can also turn into a cat and has lived 1000 years means well. He kept the gold to be safe if something happened to the vampire’s treasure.

2. Joo In Hae is the reincarnation of Hae sun, not Na Hae won

Joo In Hae in Heartbeat (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Initially, the vampire thought Na Hae Won was a wealthy investor who had just returned from America, as the reincarnation of his first love. Because they both look very similar. However, Sun Woo Hyeol was actually able to see his reflection when he looked into Joo In Hae’s eyes. Meanwhile, for Na Hae Won, this is not the case.

After drinking Joo In Hae’s blood for the second time, Sun Woo Hyeol finally realized that Joo In Hae was the reincarnation of Hae Sun. Hae Sun is the woman who became the vampire’s first love 100 years ago.

3. Sun Woo Hyeol failed to become fully human

Sun Woo Yeol in Heartbeat (instagram/kbsdrama)

The main goal of the vampire willing to sleep in a coffin for 100 years is to become fully human. The vampire did that to fulfill his promise to meet Hae Sun. They agreed that they would love each other with all their hearts in different times.

However, this goal cannot be achieved by the vampire because the risk is the death of Joo In Hae who is the reincarnation of Hae Sun. The girl had opened the coffin of the vampire one day before even 100 years. Consequently, only the girl’s blood can turn Sun Woo Hyeol into a complete human.

4. It turns out that Joo In Hae’s father was kidnapped by Ri Man Hwi

Joo In Hae’s father in Heartbeat (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

The whereabouts of Joo In Hae’s father, who is still a mystery until the middle of the episode, is also quite interesting. The father reportedly disappeared without a trace for years. Joo In Hae even thought her father was dead. Even though he was still alive, the girl already hated him. Apparently, the father is really still alive.

Apparently, the middle-aged man was languishing in a prison belonging to Ri Man Hwi who was also a vampire. He was kidnapped by the vampire when he repeatedly refused to sell Sun Woo Hyeol’s treasure.

5. Na Hae Won stopped her obsession with having Sun Woo Hyeol

Na Hae Won in Heartbeat (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Na Hae Won’s principle is that she must get something she wants. He wants to have Sun Woo Hyeol and the old wastu he lives with. However, the vampire man actually fell in love with Joo In Hae. Na Hae Won was rejected.

Several times, Na Hae Won tried to approach Sun Woo Hyeol. Starting from threatening Joo In Hae to influencing residents in the Old Waste area to agree to redevelopment there. However, all failed and she gave up.

6. Shin Do Shik stays alive until the end

Do Shik in Heartbeat (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Shin Do Shik is thought to have died young like his ancestors, father and grandfather. The man who works as a real estate consultant has a genetic heart disease that is difficult to cure. The only way for him to avoid death is to drink the blood of a half-human vampire.

As the main character, Sun Woo Hyeol is predicted to succeed in living as a human. It turns out, he chose to die at Shin Do Sik’s hands so he wouldn’t have to sacrifice Joo In Hae’s life. Such a sad ending.

So, those are a series of surprising facts about the Korean drama Heartbeat. There’s nothing wrong with watching it again to find out other surprising facts.

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