Moving finished its 20 episodes on Wednesday (20/9/2023). The final episode featured an incredible battle between South and North Korean superhumans. In the end, the fight was won by the South.

Of course this makes the audience happy with the results of the fight. However, there are some parts that are still hanging, especially in the after credits. So, what is the reason that Moving isn’t over yet?

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

  1. Shin Hye Won’s presence at NIS surprised the audience
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

For those who haven’t read the Moving webtoon, this will surprise the audience. Episode 20 shows Shin Hye Won (Shim Dal Gi) and Hwang Ji Sung (Kim Jong Soo) entering the room of the Head of the NIS, Min Young Jun (Moon Seung Gun).

Min Young Jun was then shocked when Shin Hye Won looked angry. Viewers predict that Min Young Jun is just a puppet leader who is being controlled. The question is whether Shin Hye Won has a strong influence on NIS.

  1. Ma Sang Gu replaces Min Young Jun
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

After Min Young Jun was shot by Kim Doo Shik (Jo In Sung) and died on the spot, the chair was replaced by someone. Surprisingly, Ma Sang Gu (Park Byung Eun) replaced Min Young Jun. The audience is wary of this character because he is detected as a villain. You can see how he acted during the Seagull operation.

  1. Lee Kang Hoon became a member of the NIS
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

After graduating from high school, it turns out that Lee Kang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) remains an employee of the NIS which is still led by Min Young Joon. Lee Kang Hoon wants to clear his father’s name from his criminal record.

However, after Min Young Jun was shot dead by Kim Doo Shik, it could not be confirmed whether Lee Kang Hoon was still working at the NIS, considering that the leadership position fell to Ma Sang Gu. So, has his father’s name really been cleared?

  1. A figure similar to Frank appears
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

Episode 7 shows Frank (Ryoo Seung Bum) who has been badly beaten by Jang Ju Won (Ryoo Seung Ryong). Not a few viewers thought that he died because his regenerative ability was class B.

However, what was surprising was that in episode 20, a figure who looked similar to Frank looked relaxed entering a club. However, there are also those who say that this figure is a new character, namely Elias (Ryoo Seung Bum) who is thought to be Frank’s twin.


If this drama continues into season 2, will it become an important point in the story and fight against superhumans? However, if you look at the expression on his face, he doesn’t seem to care about past affairs.

  1. CIA sent a new subordinate to replace Frank
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

In episode 20, the CIA has removed Frank from the list of those who can destroy superhumans in Korea. They assume that Frank has disappeared. The CIA also has other candidates, including Alex, Ben, Cameron, Dominic and Elias. One of the four, Elias was chosen to replace Frank to Korea. What’s the mission if it’s not continuing Frank’s work.

  1. Elias’ identity is unknown
still cut from the drama Moving (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

CIA also has superhumans. For example, Frank has regenerative powers and is an expert at fighting. If one character is strong, how much more so with the others, like Elias. It’s possible that Elias is stronger than Frank.

The six important reasons above still make viewers of the drama Moving curious about what will happen next. Maybe this series will stop if the NIS and CIA leaders experience character development in a better direction. So, they both have a mission that does not involve innocent victims. So, what do you think?

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