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Destined With You is nearing the end of the story. In episodes 13-14, there are quite a lot of plot twists that reveal questions related to the main conflict of the story. This is mainly related to the hereditary curse experienced by Jang Shin Yu’s (Rowoon) family.

At least the following six plot twists steal attention in Destined With You episodes 13 and 14. The existence of these plot twists adds to the excitement of the story as well as answering questions that previously made you curious. Unexpectedly, here are some of the plot twists that appeared in the two latest episodes of the Korean drama Destined With You.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Three men who had a big crush on Lee Hong Jo were in his past life

Destined With You

During the flashback of the two main characters’ past lives, it was revealed that it was not only Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) who were reincarnated. There are also Kwon Jae Kyung (Ha Jun) and Na Sung Beom (Ahn Sang Woo) who are currently also in love with Lee Hong Jo.

2. In his past, Kwon Jae Kyung was a bad person

Destined With You

Kwon Jae Kyung caused second lead syndrome because of his sincerity towards Lee Hong Jo. He can also accept the fact that the girl rejected his love and now likes Jang Shin Yu. However, in his past life, it turned out that Kwon Jae Kyung was a bad person.

Before he was reincarnated, he was a military officer who worked in the king’s palace. Driven by his greed for rewards, he acts cruelly towards Aeng Cho (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Mu Jin (Rowoon). This action caused the couple to die tragically.

3. The reason Jang Mu Jin killed Aeng Cho

Destined With You

In several previous episodes, it was revealed that Jang Mu Jin was the person who killed Aeng Cho. This incident made him and his descendants experience a curse. However, the reason for doing this was apparently not because of evil intentions.

Jang Mu Jin killed Aeng Cho because the palace intended to torture the girl to death. Because he couldn’t see his lover being tortured, Jang Mu Jin was willing to make a sacrifice. He chose to give Aeng Cho a quick and painless death even though it meant he would be cursed.

4. Na Jung Beom attacked Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu

Destined With You

Both in his past and present lives, Na Jung Beom is a villain character who makes you emotional. In episode 14, he no longer acts secretly as a stalker. He attacked Lee Hong Jo until the girl’s neck was injured. Na Jung Beom also stabbed Jang Shin Yu until the man was covered in blood.

5. Jang Shin Yu’s father no longer gives his blessing to Yoon Na Yeon to become a future daughter-in-law

Destined With You

At first, his father forced Jang Shin Yu to marry Yoon Na Yeon. However, in episode 14, his father changed direction and no longer gave his blessing. This is because Yoon Na Yeon instigated her father, who is the mayor, not to cooperate with the company owned by Jang Shin Yu’s family.

6. Death is the beginning and end of Jang Shin Yu’s curse

Destined With You

In episode 14, it was revealed that death was the beginning and end of the red hand curse that had been tormenting Jang Shin Yu and his family. Aeng Cho cursed whoever killed her and it happened to Jang Mu Jin. In the same episode, Jang Shin Yu’s curse was finally lifted.

Jang Shin Yu was freed from the curse after he was stabbed by Na Jung Beom. His condition at that time was so critical that his heart stopped beating. At that critical moment, Jang Shin Yu saw his past life completely through a dream.

The six plot twists above provide unexpected surprises in the plot of the story Destined With You. Several mysteries were also finally revealed in episodes 13-14. Who can’t wait to watch the final episode of this JTBC and Netflix drama?

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