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Twinkling Watermelon has broadcast episodes 5 and 6. There is something new that raises many questions in the hearts of viewers, namely Choi Se Kyung’s return to Korea. Even though in the present, Choi Se Kyung said that she never returned to Korea again until her biological father died.

There are those who theorize that Choi Se Kyung, who returned to Korea, is her future child. Additionally, there are several highlights for these two new episodes that tie into future episodes. The following is a discussion of episodes 5 and 6 of the drama Twinkling Watermelon.

For those who haven’t watched it, there will be a few spoilers.

1. Ha Yi Chan’s band is finally formed

Twinkling Watermelon

Ha Eun Gyeol and Kang Hyun Yool fought a battle to get the man to join the band formed by Ha Yi Chan. Ha Eun Gyeol is an expert at playing the electric guitar, while Kang Hyun Yool is known as an excellent bass player. Ha Eun Gyeol’s abilities were finally recognized by Kang Hyun Yool and of course he agreed to join the band formed by Ha Yi Chan. Without further ado, Ha Yi Chan immediately registered his band with the teacher.

Ha Yi Chan, who wants to become band leader, must take part in an audition proposed by Lee Si Guk and No Se Bum, Kang Hyun Yool’s friends who are forced to become members of their band. Ha Yi Chan must be able to sing three high notes and play a musical instrument in a short time. Fortunately, Ha Yi Chan succeeded in doing this and officially became the band leader.

2. Ha Eun Gyeol becomes Ha Yi Chan’s tutor and tries to protect him from accidents

Twinkling Watermelon

After Ha Yi Chan promised to go to university, Ha Eun Gyeol officially became Ha Yi Chan’s tutor. Usually every night, Ha Eun Gyeol will teach the younger version of his father. As a child, Ha Yi Chan was told the cause of the wound on his father’s back. An accident occurred when his father was in the 11th grade of high school which caused the injury. Ha Eun Gyeol, who is currently in 1995 and meets his father who is in the 11th grade of high school, tries to protect his father from the accident.

Wherever Ha Yi Chan goes, Ha Eun Gyeol will follow him to make sure his father is okay. At all times, Ha Eun Gyeol asked Ha Yi Chan to always be careful. When there were signs that Ha Yi Chan would fall, Ha Eun Gyeol quickly helped his father. Ha Eun Gyeol also asked Ha Yi Chan to obey him and not need to ask too many questions.

3. Choi Se Kyung, who went to America, suddenly returned with a new appearance

Twinkling Watermelon

Not even a year ago Choi Se Kyung went to America to continue her education, she suddenly returned to Korea. Choi Se Kyung also changed her appearance. She cut her hair short. It doesn’t stop there, she also sells her dresses and shoes at flea markets. At that time, Ha Eun Gyeol, who accidentally saw her, was very surprised. Choi Se Kyung invited Ha Eun Gyeol to talk at a cafe. Unexpectedly, Choi Se Kyung said the reason she returned to Korea was to die.

After arriving in America, she found out that his father had another woman and that her mother would definitely make her a doll again. However, her plans were postponed because something interested her. She wanted to know what would happen if he didn’t return from America forever like Ha Eun Gyeol said. Apart from that, she also said she would disappear when the time came.

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4. Ha Eun Gyeol met Yoon Chung Ah

Twinkling Watermelon

Yoon Chung Ah, who was shouted at by Ha Yi Chan because of a misunderstanding, felt very sad. Yoon Chung Ah was silent behind the telephone box, she was sobbing and without realizing it was raining heavily. Ha Eun Gyeol, who had just returned home after meeting Choi Se Kyung and was going to the ice cream shop where Ha Yi Chan worked, saw Yoon Chung Ah crying under the pouring rain. Ha Eun Gyeol gave her umbrella to Yoon Chung Ah while she ran through the heavy rain.

5. Ha Yi Chan and Choi Se Kyung’s relationship is progressing rapidly

Twinkling Watermelon

Choi Se Kyung’s return from America is not without reason. She met Ha Yi Chan and tried to approach him. This made Ha Yi Chan feel that Choi Se Kyung returned to Korea for his sake. Choi Se Kyung even came to the ice cream shop to apologize for her previous behavior. Not only that, Choi Se Kyung also approached Ha Yi Chan at his school to invite him to play at the amusement park. They also exchanged telephone numbers and kept each other informed.

6. The relationship between Ha Yi Chan-Ha Eun Gyeol and Ha Eun Gyeol-Choi Se Kyung is strained

Twinkling Watermelon

Ha Yi Chan felt uncomfortable being followed by Ha Eun Gyeol. He also felt that Ha Eun Gyeol was blocking him from approaching Choi Se Kyung. On the other hand, Ha Eun Gyeol is trying to distance Ha Yi Chan from Choi Se Kyung because the girl is playing with his father’s feelings. Not only that, Ha Eun Gyeol is afraid that if Choi Se Kyung returns, it means that his father will not meet his mother. This makes Ha Eun Gyeol always feel sensitive when he is around Choi Se Kyung. They also often argue about trivial things.

The climax was when Ha Yi Chan didn’t remember his promise to Ha Eun Gyeol. Initially, they were discussing changing the last song that would be performed at the festival. Everyone agreed except Ha Eun Gyeol, Ha Yi Chan also made this decision because Choi Se Kyung told him to change the song. Ha Yi Chan also said he would risk his life to keep his promise to Choi Se Kyung. At that time, Ha Eun Gyeol felt angry and decided to leave the band. He said he could no longer face his father’s childish behavior.

At the end of episode 6 of the drama Twinkling Watermelon, Ha Eun Gyeol, who suddenly auditioned to play the guitar, had to be rushed to the hospital because when he was about to perform, heavy rain fell and caused him to be electrocuted. On the other hand, Ha Yi Chan took Yoon Chung Ah to the hospital after the girl fainted in front of him. The storyline is getting more exciting.

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