Twinkling Watermelon

For a long time, Yoon Chung Ah (Shin Eun Soo) has had a crush on Ha Yi Chan (Choi Hyun Wook) in Twinkling Watermelon. Initially just a secret admirer, gradually Yoon Chung Ah didn’t hesitate to express her feelings for Yi Chan.

Through her actions, Yoon Chung Ah tries to express her feelings for the boy she likes. Here are six proofs of Yoon Chung Ah’s attention to Yi Chan in the drama Twinkling Watermelon.

1. Give band tickets to Ha Yi Chan

Twinkling Watermelon

When she found out that Ha Yi Chan liked Choi Se Kyung (Seol In Ah), Yoon Chung Ah tried to help Yi Chan get close to her best friend. Even though her heart is heavy, Chung Ah just wants Yi Chan to be happy.

He also gave Yi Chan the band tickets that Se Kyung had given him. In fact, Chung Ah also included a small note for Yi Chan to meet Se Kyung at the band festival. Unfortunately, Chung Ah’s actions were misunderstood by Yi Chan.

2. Get help when Yi Chan is injured

Twinkling Watermelon

One time, Yi Chan seemed frantically looking for Ha Eun Gyeol (Ryeo Un), who had no news. Yoon Chung, who accidentally saw the boy running away, quickly followed him. Unexpectedly, Chung Ah actually found Yi Chan who looked battered and unconscious.

Chung Ah, who was worried, immediately sought the nearest help. However, considering his deaf condition, Chung Ah had difficulty asking for help. Luckily, at that time Choi Se Kyung passed by in the alley. Chung Ah, who saw her, immediately stopped the girl and asked her to help Yi Chan.

3. Block the teacher from arresting Yi Chan

Twinkling Watermelon

In order to get Ha Eun Gyeol to want to rejoin his band, Yi Chan holds an impromptu concert at Seowon Arts High School. Of course, this sparked a stir at Yoong Chung Ah’s school.

When there was a commotion, the teacher did not remain silent and chased Yi Chan and his personnel. Yi Chan, who was left behind at that time, tried to catch up with his members. He was almost caught if Yoon Chung Ah wasn’t there to stop the teacher, so that Yi Chan could be free and return safely.

4. Create a design for the Ha Yi Chan band

Twinkling Watermelon

Ahead of his band’s debut, Yi Chan recruited new members to help him promote. At Eun Gyeol’s suggestion, Yi Chan finally agreed to ask Chung Ah for help. The girl contributed greatly to creating an iconic design, namely watermelon. As the band name Watermelon Sugar.

5. Tidy Ha Yi Chan’s hair

Twinkling Watermelon

When making the music video, Chung Ah also helped Ha Yi Chan’s new band. In between breaks, Chung Ah also styled Yi Chan’s hair so that it looked neat. The funny thing is, this small action that Chung Ah did made Ha Yi Chan nervous.

6. Gifted Ha Yi Chan a guitar pick

Twinkling Watermelon

Right on the day of Watermelon Sugar’s debut, Chung Ah came to Ha Yi Chan. Chung Ah wanted to gift Ha Yi Chan a guitar pick, and also wanted to tell him that she couldn’t come to his band’s debut event. Even though he looked disappointed, Yi Chan tried to accept the girl’s reasons. Yi Chan even made one of the guitar picks that Yoon Chung Ah gave him into a necklace.

Yoon Chung Ah’s feelings for Yi Chan are proven through her various caring actions towards the boy. Despite her limitations, Chung Ah sincerely likes Yi Chan. To the point of making various efforts to make Yi Chan happy. Will Yoon Chung Ah’s feelings be reciprocated? Follow the story only at Twinkling Watermelon

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