The Worst of Evil

The Worst of Evil tells the story of detective Park Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook) looking for evidence of drug trafficking in an unusual way. He had to go undercover in an organization that the police suspected. Because, ordinary methods will not be effective because of the strong relationship between members in the organization called the Gangnam Union.

Jun Mo must be able to quickly gain the trust of the boss of the Gangnam Union organization, namely Jung Ki Cheol (Wi Ha Joon). However, the struggle is not easy and long. There are many challenges that Jun Mo must overcome, such as the following.

1. Convince that his determination is strong to take revenge for Tae Ho

The Worst of Evil

The first challenge that Jun Mo must overcome is to convince that he is indeed Kwon Tae Ho’s (Jung Jae Kwang) cousin. Kwon Tae Ho was Ki Cheol’s best friend who was killed by Sergeant Jang (Jung Man Sik).

Jun Mo uses a fake identity as Kwon Seung Ho. He must be able to show his seriousness in killing Sergeant Jang in order to arouse Ki Cheol’s feelings of guilt and regret in Tae Ho. That way, Jun Mo will be invited to join the organization to replace Tae Ho.

2. Enter the ranks of important people who Jung Ki Cheol trusts

The Worst of Evil

After joining, Jun Mo did not immediately enter the ranks of the organization’s important people even though he replaced Tae Ho. Jun Mo has to rack his brains to get closer to Ki Cheol. He then used a trick.

Jun Mo will appear as a hero who protects Ki Cheol amidst the chaos of a fake gang who are actually police officers. Although this first incident was a trick, Jun Mo then had to face the real enemy gang. Only then did he gain Ki Cheol’s complete trust.

3. Acting with Eui Jeong

The Worst of Evil

In carrying out his duties, Jun Mo did not notify anyone for safety reasons, including his wife Yu Eui Jeong (Lim Se Mi). Eui Jeong, who was worried, came straight to him and only found out about Jun Mo’s assignment afterwards. However, unfortunately they were caught red-handed by Ki Cheol.

Jun Mo was even more surprised because it turned out that Ki Cheol knew Eui Jeong. They used to have a special relationship when they were still in high school. As a result, Jun Mo and Eui Jeong had to be clever at acting. Their backgrounds have also been changed to ensure the mission runs smoothly until the end.

4. Must avoid his acquaintances

The Worst of Evil

No one thought that Jun Mo and Ki Cheol would have so many mutual acquaintances, especially from Eui Jeong’s side. Jun Mo is the person Ki Cheol always invites when he meets Eui Jeong’s family.

Jun Mo, who didn’t tell anyone about his mission except Eui Jeong, had to be clever at finding excuses to avoid direct contact with them. He couldn’t even say his last greetings when the mother-in-law he loved died.

5. Save yourself from the endless attacks of other gangs

The Worst of Evil

Jun Mo almost died many times while carrying out this mission. The attacks from other gangs, especially the Busan gang which was previously led by Sergeant Jang, are endless. This is also the reason why Eui Jeong wants to play an active role in approaching Ki Cheol to help her husband complete his mission quickly.

6. Must be smart to find evidence of drug trafficking

The Worst of Evil

Jun Mo must be clever to lure Ki Cheol into revealing Gangnam Union business secrets. The suspected fishing activity was not just an ordinary activity, he would almost have known if it had not been for the Busan and Jaegeon gang attacks. Even so, Jun Mo still has a chance because he has been entrusted with welcoming the Chinese gang, the party that manufactures drugs that are trafficked by the Gangnam Union to Japan.

Until the fifth episode was released, Jun Mo still had not found strong evidence related to drug trafficking. Will Jun Mo be able to complete the mission well until the end? Keep up with the latest episodes every Wednesday on Disney+ Hotstar!
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