Jungkook just made a comeback through ‘Seven’ (2023). His chemistry and Han So Hee flooded praise from fans. Especially during the video clip, Jungkook managed to present the acting of a lousy man.

Apart from that, Jungkook is also often rumored to have a lover. But nothing has been confirmed so far. Take a look at 5 women who were rumored to be Jungkook BTS lovers quoted from KBIZoom!

  1. Mysterious woman on Jeju Island

In early 2023, Pann shared a photo of Jungkook dating a girl. The photo was allegedly taken along with dating rumors of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V one year ago in Jeju.

However, this accusation was immediately denied. Fans claim that it was Jungkook’s moment eating at a restaurant with his friends. And that woman is the staff.

  1. Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi and Jungkook were rumored to be dating in 2022 by former reporter Lee Jin Ho. According to him, Lee Yu Bi and Jungkook are dating in 2021.

The reason is because Jungkook’s e-commerce account was caught buying a Chanel Silver Jang bag. Meanwhile, Lee Yu Bi showed off the bag on social media. The two are also rumored to have dated in 2021 in Jeju.

  1. Tattoo artist who already married

Through CCTV cameras, Jungkook was caught hugging a woman in 2019. The woman is Lee Mi Joo, a tattoo artist. Netizens spread rumors that at that time they ate together before going to the tattoo shop.

On the other hand, Lee Mi Joo said that she was married. However, Mi Joo’s friend clarified that the woman was not married, but already had a lover. Meanwhile, Lee Mi Joo and Jungkook are just friends.

  1. A classmate named Park Se Won

Prior to debut, Jungkook was reported to have dated his classmate, Park Se Won. Photos of them kissing are circulating. On the other hand, Park Se Won often shares moments with Jungkook on her social media.

Jungkook once said in American Hustle Life if he was dating someone. Judging from his sentence, at that time Jungkook seemed to have broken up with the woman he was referring to.

“This was when I was young, and I had a relationship that was not like a real relationship. When we were young, we could date each other as a joke,” he said.

  1. Former CUBE Entertainment trainee

Quoted by DC Inside via KBIZoom, Jungkook was rumored to have had a relationship with a former CUBE Entertainment trainee. The rumor spread in 2017 and dragged Go So Hyun’s name.

It was reported that Go So Hyun entered CLC’s debut lineup, but changed to (G)I-DLE’s debut line. Unfortunately she did not debut due to health problems. It was also rumored that Jungkook and Go So Hyun dated while attending the School of Performing Arts (SOPA).

Jungkook never specifically confirmed the news of dating the row of women above. Do you think any of the rumors are true?

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