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Despite its success, it seems that the drama Mask Girl (2023) is still receiving a lot of harsh criticism from the audience. Like most webtoon drama adaptations, Mask Girl webtoon fans have high hopes for this drama. But not everything is realized properly.

These are some of the scathing criticisms of the drama Mask Girl which is currently airing on Netflix.

1. Failed to highlight the lookism

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In the webtoon version, Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul) experiences a lot of abuse because of her unattractive face. To fill the emptiness in her heart, she seeks attention by becoming a streamer. Even though in the end the performer of ‘Mask Girl’ was actually known as a cheap streamer, even though that was not what Kim Mo Mi wanted.

In the webtoon version, Kim Mo Mi is indeed raising money to do plastic surgery because she is disappointed with her face. So whether there is a murder tragedy or not, Kim Mo Mi remains a victim of lookism who wants to change her destiny by undergoing plastic surgery.

2. There are redundant scenes

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There is a scene that only appears in the drama version but not in the webtoon version. That is when Kim Mo Mi is on the train and insists on being a victim of harassment by a man.

Readers of the webtoon Mask Girl find Kim Mo Mi’s actions strange. the drama Mask Girl seems to want to reveal the abnormal character of Kim Mo Mi in one scene that is not quite right.

3. The timeline when Kim Mo Mi was pregnant is ambiguous

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The time span between Kim Mo Mi being harassed by Oh Ju Nam (Ahn Jae Hong) and giving birth was actually quite wide. If it is true that Kim Mi Mo (Shin Ye Seo) is Oh Ju Nam’s child, then when he killed Oh Ju Nam, Kim Mo Mi was considered pregnant.

Plus the time needed to recover from plastic surgery, apply for jobs and be friends with Kim Chun Ae (Han Jae Y), then Kim Mo Mi’s (Nana) stomach should have grown bigger by then. However, there were no signs of pregnancy in Kim Mo Mi other than one simple morning sickness scene. Viewers consider this ambiguous timeline to be a plot hole in the drama Mask Girl.

4. Vulgar scenes without a clear purpose

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The version of Kim Mo Mi after plastic surgery, played by Nana, has received a lot of criticism for scenes that are too vulgar. Even though audiences who have seen the webtoon will understand, the drama Mask Girl will feature many nude scenes of Kim Mo Mi’s character. Even in the webtoon version of the first chapter, Kim Mo Mi has performed many vulgar scenes.

But Nana’s appearance was criticized because Kim Mo Mi’s naked scene in the drama had no meaning. One of them is the prison inspection scene that shows Kim Mo Mi’s backside without a single cloth.

In the webtoon version, nude scenes are used to emphasize Kim Mo Mi’s mental disorder. However, the drama’s version of the nude scene is considered destructive. It is considered that some viewers can lose focus on Nana’s acting skills, which are actually very stunning, but they have to be overshadowed by this naked scene.

5. The ending that emphasizes the touching side reduces the pleasure of the webtoon version

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Fans of the webtoon Mask Girl love the story of the webtoon which is like a roller coaster, lots of sharp criticism and the unique life journey of Kim Mo Mi who is not a normal woman. However, in the drama version, before the ending, Kim Mo Mi’s figure is actually made to approach a normal woman.

Several scene changes made Mask Girl drama more emotional and touching. This indeed made many viewers also swept away in Kim Mo Mi’s affection as a mother. But for webtoon readers this change actually reduces the excitement.

A lot of criticism approached the drama Mask Girl. However, this criticism also aroused the curiosity of drama connoisseurs to watch the drama, which only has 7 episodes. Have you watched Mask Girl yet?

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