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My Dearest part 2 is a continuation of the drama My Dearest which ended in September 2023. This sageuk drama tells about the situation after the end of the war between the Joseon people and the Qing army. This drama successfully depicts the situation of Joseon during the Qing Dynasty colonial period in 1637.

Like other saeguk dramas, this drama also shows the situation of Joseon society and government at that time. The realistic depiction of the story and supported by sharp dialogue successfully highlights the problems and situation of Joseon at that time. The side effects of the Qing invasion of Joseon are the main theme of this drama.

Come on, take a look at the social problems that were a side effect of the Qing Dynasty’s colonization of Joseon in 1637 as depicted in My Dearest! Many are relatable to current conditions

1. Side effects of the Qing Dynasty colonialism in Joseon

My Dearest

The drama My Dearest part 2 tells about the period after the Qing attacked Joseon. During this period, the people and government of Joseon suffered enormous losses. Many Joseon people were captured and made slaves by the Qing people in Simyang. The Qing people did not hesitate to ask for agricultural products from Joseon.

Apart from that, Crown Prince So Hyun (Kim Mu Jun) and his wife (Jeon Hye Won) were also held hostage in Simyang by the Qing government. The Qing thought that by holding the successor of the Joseon kingdom hostage, the Joseon government would always comply with their requests. In fact, even if Joseon was in a state of crisis, they had to fulfill the Qing government’s requests.

2. Human trafficking

My Dearest

As depicted in the drama My Dearest part 2 in episode 11, Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) and Jong Jong (Park Jeong Yeon) were kidnapped by the Qing soldiers. They were taken to Simyang to become prospective slaves. In Simyang, there were many Joseon people who became prisoners and would be bought and sold to the Qing people to become their slaves.

Even in the drama My Dearest part 2, the situation at the slave auction in Joseon society is depicted. It doesn’t stop there, if the prisoner escapes. They will not be accepted back into Joseon because they are considered dissidents. If caught, their ankles would be slashed so they could no longer escape.

3. Rape and sexual harassment

My Dearest

For women who had become slaves in Joseon society, they would work in their master’s residence. At the beginning of the episode, this incident was experienced by a Joseon woman who was a servant in the Qing kingdom. They are forced to serve Emperor Hong Taiji (Kim Joon Won) to save their lives. However, what happened was the opposite, the emperor’s wife, Hwayu (Yoo Ji Yeon), was jealous because the Emperor preferred to spend time with his servant rather than her.

This was the reason why jealous wives could torture Joseon women as they pleased. Apart from that, a portrait of cases of rape and sexual harassment also happened to In Ok (Min Ji A).

In Ok was saved by Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min) while pregnant. It was once mentioned by Goo Yang Chun (Choi Moo Sung) that the baby that In Ok gave birth to was the result of her relationship with one of the Qing men who was her master in the past.

4. Patriarchy is still strong

My Dearest

The portrait of Joseon society still considers women’s position to be below men. This can be seen from the majority of Joseon government officials at that time being men. Apart from that, intellectuals who think about national issues are also dominated by men.

The majority of women are at home doing work and household needs. Working women like Yoo Gil Chae are usually considered dissidents. This is illustrated in episode 13, where one of the iron craftsmen who works in Gil Chae’s workshop, said that the reason Yoo Gil Chae was kidnapped was because she wandered outside the house too often.

5. Discrimination of Joseon women enslaved by the Qing

My Dearest

In episodes 16 and 17, a picture of Joseon society’s discriminatory treatment of women who returned to Hanyang after becoming slaves in Simyang. Yoo Gil Chae was considered a shame for Joseon women because she was able to return safely even though she had been taken advantage of by Qing men. Society also discriminated against noble women who could return.

Apart from that, these women are not only discriminated against by society, but also by their own families. Women who had returned after being enslaved by the Qing were also not accepted and expelled from their homes. Their husbands could even divorce them because they considered it embarrassing.

The social problems depicted in the drama My Dearest part 2 were successful in depicting the events that occurred at that time. Apart from that, the social problems in the drama My Dearest part 2 also deserve to be taken from the positive side.

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