Suzy in "Anna" and "Doona!"

Suzy is making a comeback through the Korean drama Doona! which was released on Friday 20 October 2023. This drama discusses Lee Doona (Bae Suzy), who is an idol from a girl group who suddenly decides to take a hiatus because she feels depressed.

This is not the first time, Bae Suzy previously starred in the drama Anna (2022), which also had mental issues. Both have mental issues, Bae Suzy’s character in the two dramas turns out to be quite similar. Check out the similarities between Bae Suzy’s role in the drama Anna and Doona!

1. Have strong determination

In the drama Anna, Suzy plays the character Lee Yumi who is known as an obedient and smart child. When Yumi wants something, she will definitely achieve it with all her efforts. Her strong determination makes her always succeed in achieving her goals, no matter how hard she tries. For example, when Yumi wants to beat her friend in a ballet competition, she ends up winning first place.

Meanwhile at Doona!, Lee Doona, who is still in middle school, accidentally meets Park In Wook (Lee Jin Uk) who offers him to become an idol. Doona, who accepted the offer, began to train hard so that she could debut as a famous idol. Tireless training finally succeeded in making her become a member of the girl group called Dream Sweet

2. Dumped by her first love

Both Lee Yumi and Lee Doona have experienced betrayal from their first love. Lee Yumi, who was still in high school at that time, had a relationship with her art teacher. However, their relationship was discovered by the school. The teacher, who didn’t want his job to be threatened because of this relationship, made him lie by saying that their relationship was just one-sided love. He accepted Yumi because the female student often approached him.

In Doona!, his character was abandoned by her lover. When she was an idol with Dream Sweet, Lee Doona had a romantic relationship with her manager. However, their relationship ended after an incident on stage. Park In Wook, Lee Doona’s manager, deliberately took advantage of Doona’s trauma by leaving her in a house alone. He did this on purpose to punish Doona for making a mistake and not obeying him.

3. Both have lived in boarding houses

After an incident of injustice experienced by both of them, they had to leave their home and move to a boarding house. In Anna, Lee Yumi was expelled from her old school and forced to move to Seoul. In Seoul she lived in a boarding house without her parents. Her parents couldn’t move to Seoul because they couldn’t leave their home and business in their hometown.

Meanwhile at Doona!, Lee Doona, who received punishment from the manager, had to live in a boarding house alone. Her manager left Doona and advised the former idol not to do things that would make her the center of attention, he would immediately contact Doona if the situation improved. While at the boarding house, Doona always waited for the manager’s call and arrival, who never came after leaving her.

4. Living faraway From Family

Because they live in a boarding house, both of them are forced to live alone and far from their families. Lee Yumi, who lives alone in Seoul, has to study harder to catch up with her new friends. The move after the incident with the teacher caused her grades to drop and he had difficulty entering university. Lee Doona prefers to live far from her mercenary mother. Her mother, who liked shopping for luxury goods, often used Doona to become a money-making machine. Because she was depressed by her mother’s character, Doona hid her boarding house address from her mother. However, in one scene, the mother suddenly comes and asks Doona to return to being an idol and make money for her.

5. Both have mental issues

Lee Yumi and Lee Doona also both have mental issues because they have gone through various traumatic events. In Anna, Lee Yumi often lies to cover up her shortcomings, causing her to suffer from Rypley’s syndrome. Accustomed to making lies, her life is full of lies. Yumi even changed her name to Anna Lee to be able to live like Lee Hyun Joo, her former boss.

Meanwhile in Doona!, Lee Doona, who often faces insults from netizens, pressure from his mother, and being abandoned by the manager she loves makes her experience depression. While living in the boarding house, she always looked depressed, which made her even more of a problematic person. She doesn’t hesitate to hurt herself by doing bad habits, such as smoking, going clubbing, and even eating unhealthy food.

Expanding the spectrum by playing problematic characters has earned Suzy praise from many netizens. Suzy’s emotional portrayal is able to make the audience feel emotional. You also noticed the similarity between Suzy’s character in Anna and Doona! too, right?

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