Alienoid: Return to the Future

Alienoid: Return to the Future is the second part of the previous film, Alienoid which was released in 2021. The story continues the story of Lee Ahn (Kim Tae Ri) who wants to fight aliens in the future. As the title suggests, Lee Ahn must return to the future to wield the divine blade, so that other aliens do not spread across the face of the Earth.

It’s not just the actions of the main actors that successfully amaze the audience. Several other supporting characters are also scene stealers in Alienoid: Return to the Future because of their uniqueness. Who are they?

1. Min Gae In

Alienoid: Return to the Future

In the first part of Alienoid, the figure of Min Gae In (Lee Ha Nee) only appears briefly. It was thought to be a cameo, but it turns out Min Gae In has her own role in fighting aliens. How could it not be, she became one of the key characters in destroying aliens on Earth.

After further investigation, it turns out that Min Gae In is a descendant of Neung Pa (Jin Seon Kyu) in the future. Min Gae In, who inherited his ancestor’s magic sword, is determined to fight the enemy. She joins Lee Ahn and Thunder (Kim Woo Bin) in the final battle in the film Alienoid: Return to the Future.

2. Heug Seol

Alienoid: Return to the Future

Heug Seol (Yeom Jung Ah) is one of the witch characters in this film by director Choi Dong Hoon. As a wizard, Heug Seol uses special spells she created to fight aliens. Even so, this spell is not always reliable.

Heung Seol was also successful as a scene stealer. She managed to shake the audience’s stomachs with her ridiculous behavior. Her dialogues with his partner, Cheong Woon (Jo Woo Jin), also succeeded in provoking laughter.

3. Cheong Woon

Alienoid: Return to the Future

As previously mentioned, Cheong Woon is Heug Seol’s magician partner. They are also called the “Two Witches of Mount Samgak”. They often peddle their spells to a number of people.

Just like Heug Seol, Cheong Woon also provokes laughter from the audience with his absurd behavior. The dialogue is hilarious and the way he fights aliens also looks funny. The actions of these two wizards also dominate the comedy side of the story in the second part of Alienoid.

4. Neung Pa

Alienoid: Return to the Future

Neung Pa isn’t actually a new character in the second part of Alienoid. Because, he already appeared in the first part, only his face was covered by a mask. In Alienoid: Return to the Future, the figure of Neung Pa becomes a scenester because he unexpectedly plays a role in fighting aliens. He is described as a blind person who is skilled at using a sword. The sword is not just random, because it has its own magical powers.

Neung Pa is one of the characters who competes for the god’s sword. However, he finally “realized” after he could see again. Because his character is said to exist in the past timeline, Neung Pa then wrote a will, so that in the future there would be descendants who could use his magic sword to fight aliens.

5. Jwa Wang and Woo Wang

Alienoid: Return to the Future

Jwa Wang (Lee Si Hoon) is one of Muruk’s (Ryu Joon Yeol) subordinates who can turn into an orange cat. He often helps Lee Ahn and Muruk in times of crisis. Jwa Wang’s hilarious behavior as an orange cat who has a lot of behavior is also a comedy point in Alienoid: Return to the Future.

The same as Jwa Wang, Woo Wang (Shin Jung Keun) is also Muruk’s black and white pet cat. Even though they both have hilarious behavior, Woo Wang is a little calmer than Jwa Wang. They are both loyal to their master. However, that’s not what makes it a scene stealer.

Apparently, Jwa Wang and Woo Wang are the result of programming carried out by Thunder. As a result, when they are hit by an alien attack, instead of dying, Jwa Wang and Woo Wang will perish like a broken program.

The five characters above succeeded in becoming scene stealers thanks to the comedy and plot twists tucked into the story. In your opinion, which character was the most successful in capturing your attention?

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